Dennis Rodman Says North Korea Visit Was Like A ’Party’

Here’s Dennis Rodman continuing to follow orders from intelligence agencies to shape the public image of international relations so that they REAL manipulations and dealings can go on behind closed doors, and without scrutiny. Dennis Rodman Works As FBI (and CIA) Informant On North Korea Like White House court entertainer, Jay Z, was recently sent […]

Senate Republicans Warn IRS Against Scrutiny of Tea Party

By Jonathan D. Salant, Senate Republicans today expressed concern that the Internal Revenue Service was singling out Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny in deciding whether to grant them tax-exempt status. “It is critical that the public have confidence that federal tax compliance efforts are pursued in a fair, even- handed, and transparent manner […]

Oil prices are rising, a gallon is now $3.65 nationally

By Chris Kahn, Associated Press – NEW YORK — Oil prices are approaching last year’s highs as tensions increase over Iran’s nuclear program. The rise pushed gasoline prices on Friday to a national average of $ 3.65 per gallon, the highest ever for this time of year. Western nations fear Iran is building a […]

Canada unveils new cyber monitoring rules

From: Canada’s government Tuesday introduced a bill to give law enforcement authorities sweeping powers to probe online communications, but the move sparked criticism about threats to privacy. “New technologies provide new ways of committing crimes, making them more difficult to investigate,” Justice Minister Rob Nicholson told a press conference in unveiling the measure. “This […]

Iowa Vote Fraud Official

It’s official, or is it? Once again the establishment is showing it’s cards in an obvious attempt to defraud Ron Paul from the nomination, as Iowa GOP ‘officials’ purposely disrupt and permanently invalidate the 2012 Iowa Caucus. The official Caucus website, in conjunction with the Des Moines Register, had to come forward Thursday to claim […]