Lie Another Day: Bohemian Grove 2013

Lie Another Day: Bohemian Grove 2013
For the Bohemian Grove participants, it’s just another day of lies. To the people outside of the Grove, it’s just another day to protest the evil we face in this world.

They were giving away free car washes to Bohemian Grove participants! They weren’t drying the cars, only washing off the dirt so guests and members could leave the encampment and explore Monte Rio a little further. The temporary hired hands get finger-printed and they all look like they’re still in High School to me. These youngsters were very open to what we had to say and very respectful for the most part. There was one young man who did not believe they were sacrificing a real human body before the giant owl. That’s probably correct, but tt’s strange enough to know they are burning a human in effigy before a giant owl, while this big dramatic play is performed in front of thousands of Grove participants. Dozens of members dress up in druid costumes as a small wooden boat approaches the alter of Bohemia, where the owl stands. Guiding the boat is a man dressed up as a skeleton. In his boat is a wooden or metal human-like body, wrapped up like a mummy. The body is carried across the lake, and set onto the alter as haunting music plays in the background.

“One flame alone must light this fire…”

“Be gone dull care. Fire shall have its will of thee!”

It’s very bizarre to think that grown men, who have powerful influence over this country, are participating in this ritual. The Cremation of Care and the Lake Side chats are two things at the Grove that should concern every person on this planet. It actually does concern us all, whether we get involved in exposing them or not.

They annually sacrifice care or worry, while discussing national policy inside the Bohemian Grove. This is the Bilderberg Golf course, some say. For more information on the Bohemian Grove, visit Resist The Grove on Facebook.

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