Truth Music: XienHow

“Cameras on all corners” – XienHow

“They say it’s the land of the free, but don’t want us.” – XienHow

Music is a big part of our lives. Through music, the Illuminati has declared war on Truth Music of all sorts and genres. As a response, we at Mind Body Soul Productions are dedicated to creating, finding, and supporting Truth Music.

XienHow has been expressing his soul with Truth Music about those who feel surveillance of us common citizens is a good thing. Unconstitutional surveillance undermines the principles of our Constitution and leads down a dark path to nowhere. With Cannibal Lecture, you can watch a brief preview of how Life Coordinates for the Livenfire Crew.

If we want change, then we must bring it! Spread Love today and hug a friend.

Here is a special link to hear the new song by XienHow featuring Greg Fernandez Jr before the upcoming music video. Couldn’t be Right by XienHow (feat. Greg Fernandez Jr) spreads a positive message to the youth and I hope the future music video reflects that. For now, enjoy this song and remember that as my friend Eric Golub said, Change Is a Good Thing.

They told us things will never change but as XienHow explains in the video below, that is our choice.

Don’t forget to visit Team Done Son Film’s youtube and see what they’re up to.

“TeamDoneSon FIlms is a multimedia company that covers multimedia content with a strong foundation but not limited to the hip hop community.”

Truth Music lives within us all. We can sell our soul for worldly things, or we can try to make a real difference in this world through our music.

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