New York Deputy Protects First Amendment During TSA Opt Out Campaign

Activists shocked by the above video are asking for people to leave comments on the Albany Sheriff Facebook page.

A facebook fan page has been launched for Deputy Stan Lenic as well.

If you would like to offer a respectful “Thank You”:
Albany County Sheriff Office
Deputy Sheriff Stan Lenic
Phone (518)487-5400

News 13 Coverage

Deputy won’t take action against TSA pat down opponents at Albany airport

The 13-minute clip shows the activists, identified as Ashley Jessica and cameraman Jason Bermas, handing out leaflets Friday in the common area just outside the security area on the airport’s second floor. The information concerned travelers’ rights to opt out of the full-body scanner used at the security checkpoint and to film any pat-down by TSA officials.

The two are eventually approached by airport Director of Public Affairs Doug Myers, accompanied by an Albany County sheriff’s deputy. Myers commands them to stop filming; Bermas politely refuses, but agrees to head downstairs to discuss the matter further.

The encounter goes downhill for Myers, as Deputy Stan Lenic ultimately points out to the airport spokesman that the pair aren’t violating any laws — regardless of whether they’re violating the airport authority’s guidelines.

“Obviously, this is your constitutional right,” Lenic tells the activists.

The First Amendment

Letters of Support can be sent to

Sheriff @ Albany County Sheriff’s Office
Craig D. Apple Sr., Sheriff
Albany County Sheriff’s Office
16 Eagle Street
Albany, NY 12207
Fax: (518) 487-5037

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