Anonymous, LulzSec Case In U.S. Expanded By Feds


Anonymous, LulzSec Case In U.S. Expanded By Feds –Expanded indictment against Anonymous, LulzSec leaders now includes [hero] Jeremy Hammond, accused of masterminding hacktivist attacks against Arizona police and Stratfor websites 03 May 2012 A federal grand jury has handed down a superseding indictment in the case against alleged LulzSec and Anonymous leaders that adds a sixth person to the list of people charged. The revised indictment now lists Jeremy Hammond (a.k.a. Anarchaos, burn, POW, ghost, and anarchaker, amongst other aliases) as a defendant, and accuses him of participating in LulzSec and Anonymous hacks involving the websites of the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), as well as Stratfor (a.k.a. Strategic Forecasting). An arraignment date for Hammond has yet to be scheduled. [Free Jeremy Hammond!]

Citizens for Legitimate Government

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