Could climate change make Canada a future superpower?

In Laurence C. Smith’s new book “The World in 2050,” which focuses on the effects of climate change over the next 40 years, it is theorized that Canada could become a global superpower.
Mr. Smith believes that the warmer temperatures will bring out more natural resources such as water, oil and gas. This will lead to higher numbers in immigration and cause new infrastructure and development. At the same time, southern countries will be losing resources and population, lending way for northern rim countries to lead in the global markets.
Northern rim countries, like Canada, Russia, the northern U.S. and the Scandinavian countries, may prosper during the times of higher temperatures, but all other countries will be devastated. Mr. Smith is quick to point this out and note that there are many negative effects caused by climate change, some of which we’re already seeing. “The pine beetle is devastating B.C. timber and summer heat waves knocked out 30 per cent of Russia wheat crop, so it would be disingenuous of me to suggest all of this spells nothing but good news. But alongside the bad news there will be some beneficial changes,” he says.
Laurence C. Smith is a scientist and professor of geography and earth sciences at the University of California Los Angeles. He originally set out to discover the negative effects of climate change in the north and “humanize it a bit,” but discovered “there are two sides to every issue.” “I went there and found people suffering but I also found people flourishing, doing well,” he told

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