Los Angeles: OCCUPIED!

After less than one week in planning, the sit-in protest over economic inequalities, called “Occupy LA,” descended upon City Hall yesterday with hundreds of demonstrators in tow.

Beginning from Pershing Square, approximately 400 protesters marched to City Hall, with the intention of staying. Police blocked traffic along the way, providing demonstrators safe passage.

Once they arrived their numbers swelled, peaking at an estimated 2,000, a turnout that even surprised organizers.

By noon, according to Emilio Arreola, the acting head of security for the group Occupy Los Angeles, said police had called off several units because “we have it under control.”

“Our goal is to keep it peaceful,” he said. “We are non-violent.”

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3 thoughts on “Los Angeles: OCCUPIED!

  1. My friend who has disabilities is having trouble participating and being harassed for voicing this via email, etc. My daughter who lives in Panorama City has taken some photos as of yesterday and plans to return with her friends, some of whom are Black. Alot of people are expressing distress at the white male dominance or disrespect to those who are not represented. Also my daughter noticed lack of true diversity which must be addressed. We are all in this together and now is the time to really activate equality as never before. Here is a comment from my friend with disabilities:

    “as a pwd whose inclusion is dissed and attacked, i gotta say, a better way to phrase this to the leadership– don’t find excuses for excluding any sector of the community. most of my activism these days is fighting just to have a place at the event, or a voice at all. and for that i get trashed for “making excuses.” after tweeting many tweets about dis-abilty inclusion (including resources and offering to help out– but the event isn’t even accessible so we would have to meet off site) i got promises that logistics would contact me, (they haven’t), and nasty emails, including one that said “emma stfu and occupy” (as if i wouldn’t if i could!), another lt me know that hero/pity gimp, ron kovic spoke, (and to stfu because if he could then i could) when i called this twisted tweeter on his crap, he sent me an email accusing me of “being angry” and followed that up with “fuck you lady” so, i think my excuse is pretty good. won’t be seeing me at any demos anytime soon, and i put my body on the line every time i breath in this gimp hating world.”

    That the voiceless be heard in an authentic quest for peace, justice, equality and an end to corporate dominance, greed and war.

  2. Just got another statement from a courageous black man who gave me permission to repost: From Lorenao Kom’boa Ervin:
    Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin “Swaneagle, I was wrong about this movement. It is not welcoming of indigenous or peoples of color. I am being told that in a number of cities, the Black, indigenous, and other POCs are being ignored entirely or kept out. At a time when Natives/indigenous, Africans in America, and other oppressed peoples are dying in droves from preventable illnesses like Diabetes, infant mortality, lack of medical care, suffering from unemployment, massive imprisonment, and so on, this movement comes along posing as a fightback. but does not speak for all of us, even though it claims to speak for the “99%”. In truth, it speaks for the better off sector of the white middle class. We need to build a new movement, an Autonomous People of Color tendency. Nothing else will do”

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