700 airline pilots march on Wall Street

More than 700 Continental and United Continental pilots took to Wall Street on Tuesday to protest slow contract negotiations and misinformation regarding merger integration. The demonstrating pilots marched together, queitely, in order and in full uniform, holding two signs.

“Merger Progress is More than Painting Airplanes,” said one sign.

“Management is Destroying our Airline,” said another sign.

United Continental Holdings plans to fully integrate the two airlines by mid-2012, but pilots on Wall Street on Tuesday believe that the company needs to focus on contract negotiations instead of changing the logo on the cocktail napkins. The pilots say too many contract issues including benefits and job protections remain unresolved.

Randy Hodge, the Secretary Treasurer for the Continental Master Executive Council, detailed how pilots have worked on a continue in force contract since 1997 — through the good and bad times — and wanted to come to an agreement so the joint-company can reach full synergy.

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