Freeman Perspective to launch mobile media network alliance

Freeman of the Freeman Perspective has announced a new media alliance. This is in tune with his Friendship Agenda and will allow like minded individuals to collaborate. Membership in this project already includes several folks from We Are Change and the Tesla Society. With so many awesome folks with so many talents, this seems like a great venture.

Since this is a media alliance, donations of cameras, Adobe Suite and computer parts (ram, CPU, motherboards etc) would be very helpful.

or you can mail a check, cash, or money order to:
P.O. Box 581
Lawrence, KS

From Freeman’s Site:

We’re going to bust out and take this revolution to the streets! We
have so many homes to visit and joy to share, we want to live in a
Tour Bus. It has been my life’s dream to revive the Merry Pranksters and dance, drumming into office buildings to see how many people we can spring from the work force penitentiary. This will be a Mobile Media Network bringing miraculous events to the “norms”. To start this interplanetary trip, we need a Type One Roadshow Tour Bus. This will be easy. All we need is $32.50 from 200 people and we will have the sweetest ride.

Now, what is worth $32.50 to 200 people? That’s about the price of a Cheap Trick concert or a DVD. DVDs I have. How about a concert? A lecture tour? 200 talks along the way may way on my soul a bit. 200 visits to see the people that supported the trip…that might be possible.

I plan on seeking all that wish to be sought and creating shows of
great amazement and joy. Highlighting the strange and presenting the
impossible; a solution to our world’s plight. Is this too much to ask?

It’s time to take it to the road. A Type One Roadshow is already in
the works. Get on board!

To listen to Freeman’s announcement on his radio show, click here

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