The Silver Giant Awakens: The Empire Will Never Be The Same

By A.J. Arias
April 13, 2011

With the roar of a mighty colossus, silver has finally awoken from its deep and artificial slumber ― and it’s been a long time coming for this precious metal.

Silver is currently at $40 per ounce ― yet this is only the beginning of amazing things to come.

In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt (a Democrat) ended Americans’ right to own gold bullion. Then to the great delight of the Federal Reserve Board and Wall Street Bankers, the Bretton Woods conference of 1944 began the era of foreign nations accepting the United States dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The world changed from the gold standard to the gold exchange standard. But it was only a matter of time before the nations of the world began to doubt the U.S. Empire’s ability to hold to sound money and not print money in order to inflate their debts away.

A few decades later, Congress found itself in the position of not being able to pay for its warmongering and genocide in Vietnam when foreign governments urgently demanded gold in exchange for their debt-ridden U.S. dollars. Nations, such as France, West Germany and Switzerland, demanded that the U.S. make good on its promise to pay in gold, because they were well aware of America’s excess printed dollars, as well as our negative trade balance. On August 5, 1971, Congress released a report recommending devaluation of the dollar, in an effort to protect the troubled currency.

Ten days later, President Richard Nixon (a Republican) responded to stabilize the economy by single-handedly shutting the “gold window”, effectively defaulting on the U.S. dollar altogether. Nixon de facto denied foreign governments the right to exchange U.S. dollars for gold. This Banker-directed move by the White House has subsequently been called “Nixon Shock”. The nations of the world woke up one morning to realize that they were holding worthless U.S. Dollars backed up only by American debt, empire and oil. So long as the empire continued to roll and Third-World resources were taken, the U.S. Dollar would remain in play.

Americans generally favored Nixon’s move because they wanted a quick fix to monetary woes, much like today. They remained largely ignorant that the Federal Reserve had limitless power to print or restrict U.S. dollars to solve any crisis. They had no clue that this reckless policy led to runaway inflation in the late seventies, the 1987 Stock Market Crash, and the speculative bubbles we suffer from today with cars, houses, food and college educations.

The currency manipulations of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Bretton Woods Conference and Richard Nixon all but assured America of the greatest bull run of precious metals in history. There are some who believe that America became a bankrupt nation during the Great Depression. If there is any evidence that America defaulted on its currency and is headed for economic ruin, the proof is the legal demise of the U.S. dollar in 1971. Forty years later the next generation is starting to realize that there’s going to be hell to pay.

Gold and silver have been some of mankind’s most trusted assets. It has always been highly prized and valued, except for those moments in history when governments trick their subjects into using a currency which they themselves debase or they enforce such a ponzi scheme at the point of a sword or a bayonet.

Fast forward to the twenty-first century.

Paper fiat laws in the United States Code restrict the economic freedom of Americans to openly use a currency in defiance of Federal Reserve Notes. Such laws are twisted and manipulated by the FBI and other draconian agencies which persecute and hunt down those who mint private money competing with toxic dollars. Americans once owned silver certificates promising the bearer of the paper a defined weight of silver which backed up the value of that paper currency or “paper money”. Any bearer of that certificate, whether citizen or otherwise, had the legal right to exchange their certificate for real silver from the U.S. Treasury.

When the “gold window” closed, silver certificates became relics of the economic past, the old haunting of William Jennings Bryan and his infamous “cross of gold” speech.

The dollar fully freed itself from the gold standard which constrained it from hyper-inflation and economic scandal. The ticking time bomb had begun.

Exactly forty years later, a generation in fact, the bomb continues to tick-tock louder in the ears of a population deaf to the warning signs of economic destruction.

Americans foolishly dismiss the Great Depression because it happened before the age of computers and iPhones. It could never happen like that again.

The Weimar Republic, in the 1920’s, witnessed the death of its currency. The destruction of the Russian ruble arrived in 1991. The Argentinean peso self-imploded in 2002, dragging a thriving Latin American nation into Third-World doom, not to mention Zimbabwe and its hyper-inflation in 2009. America will soon taste a dictatorial government following its over-printing of paper money backed by only but thin air and toxic debt.

Let’s not talk about Iceland falling apart or Greece choked to death by international banks. Let’s not talk about France burning from “austerity measures” or the young generation of London seething with anger at their own government looting their kingdom.

Americans have created an emotional bubble of safety – a subjective, close-minded world view, which contrary to the facts, believes the lie of our last president: “Our economy is fundamentally strong.”

The Empire now looks to its current president, a man who has proven himself to be no less a puppet for the Banks and Corporations that control both parties. They want to believe that Fortress America cannot be breached – that as long as we restrain our opponents on the Right or the Left on our pet issues, we have nothing to worry about it.

“America is the greatest nation in history,” they say, repeating a superstitious myth as equally horrifying and moronic as “America is a Christian nation.” Nothing of the sort is true. If America had any greatness it was before our country waded into Imperial waters with the Spanish-American War and Teddy Roosevelt’s “Rough Riders”. What made America great was a free market which tore away at the foundation of slavery in the North and helped heal the wounds of a costly and tragic Civil War. The standard of living became one of the best in the world – but not because of government.

Very few Americans believe that the Free Market is what made America great. They point to our wealth, which is nothing but a mirage. They point to our military might, which is nothing more than doing the bidding of foreign interests in Europe and Israel. They point to our culture and our Christianity and our general awesomeness. We have truly become a ship of fools.

It is no wonder that after 9/11, Americans so quickly rushed to define patriotism as a blood-craze for war, a police state at home and the erosion of our liberties. The Republican Party would not be outdone by the Democrats in their demand for flag-worship, spying-on-your-neighbor and “freedom fries” on the lunch menu at Congress.

Enter silver into the discussion. We are four hot wars deep in this country, not to mention the “cold wars” in Okinawa, Germany, Korea, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, and Uzbekistan and many other nations. (Don’t believe the politicians who only point to two “wars” and speak of them as an obligation or refuse to demand an immediate withdrawal.)

Silver is going to be the game changer in politics, empire and war. It may not appear obvious at first. But follow my line of thinking.

The main reason for U.S. Imperial wars overseas is to prop up the “petro-dollar”, i.e. the U.S. dollar, as the world’s reserve currency at the point of a rifle. This is the number one reason why George W. Bush gave the “green light” in 2003 to take out our CIA-backed puppet Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Had Bush truly been convinced or had a shred of evidence of Saddam’s involvement in the 9/11 attacks, he would have presented his case to Congress in 2001. It was only after President Hussein announced he would no longer sell oil in “petro-dollars”, but in Euros, that the United States chose to invade this independent nation. This was the straw which broke the camel’s back.

Of course, the United States was also in the business of engaging in resource control and hegemony overseas, to also prop up the “floating” U.S. dollar. There is no doubt that Exxon-Mobil and other oil giants had a keen interest in recouping the old fields which Saddam took from them. The natural result of Bush’s “shock and awe” invasion of Baghdad was the sight of oil pumps flowing freely for Western corporations once again. Operation Iraqi Freedom, indeed.

Had the United States allowed Iraq to openly and defiantly reject the “petro-dollar” the very underpinnings of the American Empire could quickly come undone. Saudi Arabia and Israel could not afford to have their biggest cash cow and military supplier face financial instability. The call was made. Imperial storm troopers soon found Saddam in a hole and sent him to the gallows of a kangaroo court. The world would never know the truth about his dealings with Reagan, Carter, Clinton, the Bush family or the infamous hand shake with Donald Rumsfeld.

Iran realized the danger and yet still decided to pursue the euro as the currency of choice. Unlike Iran, Iraq was a direct lackey of the U.S. Empire and in 2003 was the lame-duck colony of the Western No-Fly Zones which divided the country, decimated its air force and left Saddam with only a reminder of his former dictatorial glory. Yet, he still had the oil fields. The Empire could not allow one of its colonies to rise up in such defiance. Iran, however, called their bluff, knowing full well that Russia would keep a close eye on her southern ally.

How will silver change all this?

Silver is already starting to regain its lost ground in world markets. It will furiously explode in value like a bat out of Hades. Unlike gold, silver has suffered some of the most criminal and fraudulent schemes in financial history. Not even the Roman Emperors debasing their currency or the Chinese Emperors issuing the paper fiat money did what Western Central Banks have done in phantom transactions to artificially suppress the spot price of silver.

Add to that the countless ponzi schemes, such as J.P. Morgan selling fraudulent silver ETF certificates based on empty promises and you have a powder keg floating in a sea of gasoline about to watch a Fourth of July fireworks show.

I know silver is not a poor investment because China is buying silver, along with industrial metals, like these commodities were going out of style. Silver shortages are being reported worldwide. Even, the U.S. Mint is having trouble fulfilling orders. If silver was weaker than gold, then why are “cash for gold” places now accepting silver?

There is a lot of talk about the gold standard. And there should be. But silver, as opposed to gold, is in a unique position to change everything. The historical ration of silver to gold has been sixteen to one (16:1). But silver has been used by industry in everything from cameras to computers, with much of it being lost through consumption and disposal. The world’s supply of silver compared to a growing population means that there will be less silver per person when the U.S. dollar dies and drags all other currencies with it.

When the crisis matures to this point, capital will freeze and mining companies will be unable to continue at current levels the exploration, recovery, refining and processing of silver and other precious and base metals. This will only add to the sky-rocketing of the value of the metal. Lastly, take into account the herd mentality of millions of Americans when they realize that “cash is trash”, as Robert Kiyosaki teaches. There will be an avalanche in the silver market outpacing all other assets, whether appreciating or depreciating at this point in the crisis.

The silver giant has awakened.

Americans should buy some gold if they can. However, for many gold is already too expensive. We shouldn’t wait until silver also hits $1500 per ounce to find ourselves unable to invest in the “poor man’s gold”. We should make sure that we have other necessities in place like food, water and organic seeds, as well as a self-defense weapon. But do not miss the opportunity and responsibility to exchange your toxic dollars for the real money of silver, which has been historically called “the poor man’s gold.” Bartering is always inefficient. Mediums of exchange are always superior in the market.

I cannot predict if silver will surpass gold in value. For the first time in human history it very well may. But I can predict that silver will outpace gold in its rate of acceleration. It’s already the case. The numbers don’t lie. If you look at historical charts between 2009 and 2011, the ounces of silver needed to buy one ounce of gold continues to plummet. Today it costs half the amount of silver to buy than one ounce of gold. Don’t believe me? Check out the data for yourself.

I cannot predict if the rise of silver will end U.S. Empire. I pray that it would but I won’t hold my breath. What I will forecast is that silver will be a game changer. The Empire will never be the same again.

If the mere threat of a Government shutdown inspires politicians to immediately protect the “emergency war funding” and pay of U.S. soldiers overseas, then what will happen when the coming explosion in silver prices savages the already dying U.S. dollar? It won’t be pretty. The United States imperial army and outposts will need to either move to a new paper currency to prop up the military at the expense of looting what’s left of our individual wealth or the Empire will have to close up shop and simply come home. I fear the former is likelier than the latter.

I look at what that dictator Mugabe did to his own people during his hyperinflationary crisis, when ordinary citizens were digging into the soil to find “gold for bread” to keep from starving. As the Zimbabwean currency continued to lose value, Mugabe continued to pay off the military and the police first, at the expense of the people. Will Washington DC do any better? I doubt it.

But the people of America may not be as quiet, as shell-shocked or as complacent as the people of Zimbabwe. I would hope that Americans would see through their tears, their broken marriages and their dashed financial futures to rise from the ashes, and demand better from their government through peaceful yet confrontational resistance.

There is a lot we can do now. We can demand better now by purchasing silver and helping people like Max Keiser to crash J.P. Morgan. We can abandon the Dollar for other assets which hold value. We can grow our own food. We can demand Peace. We can demand Liberty. We can demand a criminal investigation of the 9/11 attacks.

The rise of the silver giant will be a terrible wake up call for many. It could lead to greater Tyranny in America, or it could be the opportunity for a political and financial renaissance. Will America learn its lesson from the bitter dregs of Empire and paper fiat destruction? Or will it sink into the nether-regions of history a has-been country with a has-been Liberty?

The world will soon find out as the giant finally awakens.

Aj Arias2 The Silver Giant Awakens: The Empire Will Never Be The Same

A.J. Arias is a writer, homeschooling parent, attorney and a Liberty activist. He is the founder of The Liberty Coalition (Third Party Alliance) and the creator of the new social network, CircusFair.  Arias is the author of the Liberty-inspired action-fantasy “Robbie Velez Series” available on Amazon and Kindle.

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