Privacy a Concern as Google Links Plus With Its Other Sites

By Juan Carlos Perez, IDG News Google’s work to integrate its Google+ social networking site broadly with its other services could raise red flags for users who want to closely guard their privacy. Google wants Google+ to be more than a stand-alone social network. It envisions Google+ integrating with most, maybe all, of its Web […]

Pizza delivery guy calls cops on customer who smoked marijuana

By Will Ripley, InformationLiberation AURORA – A man says he got much more than a large pizza when he called Papa John’s for delivery – he got a visit from Aurora Police. The man was smoking medical marijuana just before the pizza arrived on Friday evening. The delivery driver smelled the marijuana and called the […]

Rather Than Protecting Free Speech, Media Protects Obama

By Meredith Jessup, The Blaze Why is Hank Williams Jr. being punished for having an opinion? As we’ve reported, Williams came under fire Monday after criticizing President Obama and House Speaker Boehner’s recent golf match. The two ideologically opposed politicians meeting on the golf course was a mistake, Williams noted. “That would be like Hitler […]

Teacher penalizes students for saying “bless you”

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — A Northern California teacher says he doesn’t want to hear a common courtesy in his classroom. He’s even lowering students’ grades if they say “bless you” after someone sneezes. Steve Cuckovich says the practice is disrespectful and disruptive. He’s banned saying “bless you” in his high school health class in Vacaville. […]

Scarlett Johansson Reminds Public: Actors Have Rights to Privacy Too

By IB Times Scarlett Johansson’s nude images, leaked on the Internet as a consequence of her private mobile phone being hacked, spiked an unprecedented hike on Web searches, according to reports furnished by Google Insight. The actress, however, has a message for the public. She wants people to know that actors and celebrities have a […]

Ground rules went too far, free speech expert says at Irvine 11 trial

By Mona Shadia, Los Angeles Times A UC Irvine professor overstepped his boundaries when he told students that no disruptions were allowed during the Israeli ambassador’s visit on campus last year, according to testimony given Wednesday in the so-called Irvine 11 trial in Santa Ana. UC Irvine professor Rei Terada, an expert on the history […]