No Joke; Obama Issues 2nd Open Govt. National Action Plan

It may seem like a cheap prank but the Obama administration, which has proven to be among the most secretive, has actually issued its second “Open Government National Action Plan” that promises to build on (delusional) “past successes.” Even the president’s many friends and supporters in the mainstream media have conceded that government secrecy has […]

Plume-Gate Tales from the Script: Data Mining, a “CNN Moment” and ‘Teflon’ Obama

Tony Muga | In a series of emails contained within the NRC FOIA Documents, I have found an excellent example of how the industry monitors what the public knows, in this case in the form of public opinion via local news articles, so they can do their best at damage control. They want to know […]

(Plumegate) Tales from the Script: Inside the NRC FOIA Documents… Part 1

The Intel Hub By Tony Muga March 17, 2012 ‘You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.’ ~Ayn Rand   Digging through the NRC FOIA documents is a Herculean task considering that there are literally thousands of pages that must be carefully sifted through. What is revealed therein however, is well worth […]

BLOCKBUSTER!!! FOIA Documents Reveal NRC Cover-Up, Deception

The Intel Hub By Tony Muga February 27, 2012 According to several stunning editorials by author Lucas W. Hixon and Joy Thompson on the website, evidence obtained through an FOIA request reveals a ‘cover-up’ by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in an effort to conceal the severity of the meltdowns in Fukushima, Japan. The FOIA request was initiated […]

Most Fed Agencies Violate Records Laws

In what may seem like a joke, federal agencies that have long failed to meet statutory requirements for maintaining records will help the Obama Administration craft a long-awaited, government-wide system to store and manage electronic files. The White House has ordered agencies to submit recommendations by May 2012 to help create a new directive that […]

Fresh round of hacked climate science emails leaked online

By: Leo Hickman, The Guardian A fresh tranche of private emails exchanged between leading climate scientists throughout the last decade was released online on Tuesday. The unauthorised publication is an apparent attempt to repeat the impact of a similar release of emails on the eve of the Copenhagen climate summit in late 2009. The initial […]

FOIA Lawsuit Reveals FBI Collecting Biometric Information For Massive Interagency Database

The Intel Hub By Madison Ruppert – Editor of End the Lie November 11, 2011 Big Brother is on the march in the United States and as I have previously shown, once one delves into the depths of this system it is nothing short of astounding to the point where Orwell wouldn’t even believe it […]