Demonstration of Contaminants and Fluoride in Melbourne, Victoria Water Supply

Ryan Smyth, Contributor Activist Post May 13, 2012 The quality of water coming out of the taps here in Melbourne is simply abysmal. Melbourne Water Corporation, the organization responsible for the water supply, does its best to fool people into thinking that the water is safe and fit for human consumption. The truth couldn’t be […]

Fluoride OK’d for San Jose Drinking Water November 18, 2011 SAN JOSE, Calif. — Dentists and children’s health advocates in California are cheering a decision to add fluoride to the drinking water of San Jose – the largest city in the nation without the cavity-fighting mineral in its water supply. The board of the Santa Clara Valley Water District voted Tuesday […]

Florida county nixes fluoride in water after heated debate

A Florida county has voted to stop adding fluoride to its drinking water after a polarizing debate that included warnings of reduced intelligence, cancer, Soviet-style tactics and forced medicating by government. The Pinellas County Commission voted 4-3 to halt fluoridation to about 700,000 residents of the county, the St. Petersburg Times reports. County Commissioner Norm […]

Media spins fluoride blocking county commissioner as conspiracist tea partier

by David DeCamp | St. Petersburg Times Pinellas County will stop adding fluoride to its drinking water, ending a cavity-fighting effort that riled critics of Big Brother government despite decades of advocacy by dental and medical experts. After three hours of polarizing debate, the County Commission voted 4-3 Tuesday to halt fluoridation to about 700,000 […]

Average Americans: Spoof video more important than Agenda 21

A recent article post on Yahoo “News” appeared promoting a spoof of the Kevin Costner film “Field of Dreams”. A person named Robhar posted a comment where they wished people in the country would wake up to what they deemed to be more relevant news, namely Agenda 21. They also placed a link to The […]

FIRE WATER -Australia’s Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace (Part 1)

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New Fluoride Documentary – Fire Water: The Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace

Jaya Chelma Drolma and Daniel Zalec have made a riveting new documentary that clearly and concisely details the plight of humanity throughout the planet as governments worldwide scramble to poison Earth’s inhabitants with poison in our water. Unfortunately, the media will not even touch this new film.   This film is for the anti-fluoride movement […]

Fluoride Is Good For You :)

For more information go here Luke was onsite in Dundalk and decided to interview Walter Graham about the