Decorated Vietnam Vet, Anti New World Order activist enters Wyoming mayoral race

Vietnam veteran and long-time New World Order opponent Thomas Bleming has entered the race for mayor in the town of Lusk, Wy. Although his reasons are unclear, many speculate that the systemic corruption in the town of Lusk may be at the heart of his bid to be the next mayor. Bleming has been a resident of Lusk since 1995. In recent years he was the target of a raid on his home by the Lusk Police Department. Later exonerated, Bleming widely reported the theft of several items of value from his home, such as ammunition and guns.

Bleming served in the Vietnam war and routinely brings up historical occurrences like the Gulf of Tonkin incident when people go up to thank him or his military service. A scan of his Facebook page implied opposition to GMO crops, coverage of the recent Facebook data scandal, opposition to the United Nations, opposition to eugenics, aversion to Youtube’s crackdown on conspiracy-related videos, advocacy for military veterans with PTSD and defense of the 2nd amendment, among other issues.

Thomas Bleming is the author of Panama: Echoes From a Revolution in which he details plans to overthrow the Torrijos regime in Panama, in addition to Manuel Noriega, the then military intelligence chief. Thereafter, Bleming was a prisoner of war in Panama for a little over 25 months and eventually regained his freedom and returned to the United States.

Bleming is no stranger to the political arena and has run against John Barrasso and Mike Enzi in the past. Bleming has also expressed the belief that many political and societal leaders are psychopaths, perhaps alluding to his motivation to become Lusk, Wyoming’s next mayor.

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