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Greetings Beyonders, I want to read something from pastliferegressions.com The reason for this is to give you a better understanding of my personal reasons for learming more about Past life regression:

When considering a physical, emotional or spiritual healing modality, it’s important to understand its purposes as well the healing effects and limitations in its ability to move you forward in your health goals. This brief article is designed to give the reader a basic overview of Past Life Therapy.
A Past Life Regression is not a parlor trick and has serious implications about how we live our lives. It is deep work on the unconscious template that often dictates our reactions to situations, people we choose to partner with and our physical health and habits. With this in mind, when doing a past life regression, it is important that you work with an experienced professional who can assist you with issues that may arise following your regression.
With that caveat, there are very few healing modalities that can offer the physical and emotional healing and insight that can be had through past life therapy. We are, as individuals, far more than we understand ourselves to be in this present lifetime. I believe that the numbers of previous life experiences that we have had are countless. Furthermore, my belief follows that we continue in an infinite number of future lives in order to realize who we are. As we experience, we continue to grow, change and become as we evolve into something more wonderful and wise than we can imagine. Past Life Regression is an important tool for us to understand what we (as a soul) have been becoming which assists us in moving forward on our path toward God.
My personal experience with past life regression is that I don’t have any kind of memories of past lives. But I will say, I do have a lot of déjà vu experiences. Those I get all the time. And maybe, Holly can help me understand that more. -Dave

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