Former Alternative Media Head appealing criminal conviction, claimed he was framed with child pornography

Note: Posted by a anonymous family member of Brian D. Hill. His family controls his accounts until Brian is off of Supervised Release where he is prohibited from using the Internet no thanks to the corrupt politician and corrupt police that was apart of framing him.

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Originally posted around February 9, 2015

Brian D. Hill(left), Alex Jones(Center), and Stewart Rhodes(right)

Former Alternative Media head had been arrested on December 20, 2013 by Department of Homeland Security Agents in the indictment on a single-count charge of possession of child pornography in Rockingham County, North Carolina. According to Federal Court records(Free on, Appeal case records free as well) for the fourth circuit, it turns out that the person was Brian D. Hill, the former head of USWGO Alternative News. Now after his conviction in November of last year, he is appealing his conviction to overturn his guilty plea in his attempt to get a Jury Trial. There has been a discussion started on forum as of what has happened to Brian after he deleted his PrisonPlanet forum account mysteriously after the police raid. Brian claims he was set up with child pornography after writing articles that were critical of the Mayodan Town Government and North Carolina State Senator Philip Edward Berger Senior. He had no bond as the bond restrictions under the Adam Walsh Act are more severe such as electronic monitoring, home detention, and angle bracelet monitor. The court he is appealing from is the U.S. District Court in the Middle District of North Carolina, Greensboro Division. His criminal case docket # is 1:13-cr-435-1.

Mr. Brian had attempted to file two Notices of Appeal which are to appeal both the Judgment entered on November 12, 2014 and on the Judgment in January 16, 2015 denying his motion to extend time to file the Notice of Appeal. Brian claims he was coerced or under duress to plead guilty to the sex charge. According to discussion on a Facebook post Brian was neglected of proper medical treatment prior to his guilty plea. It even went as far as Brian going to the emergency room due to one of the county jails failing to have a night nurse according to my sources. So apparently due to ineffective counsel and in combination of not being allowed to read all of the evidence from the Motion To Compel Discovery prior to Jury Trial, and even as far as medical neglect, he plead guilty on June 10, 2014 to the charge, then months later attempted to withdraw his guilty plea.

Photo of Brian during his incarceration in North Carolina in Guilford Co. Jail.

I don’t know what Brian will argue in the U.S. Court of Appeals in Richmond, VA but it is easy to assume that some of the stuff he filed on Docket after the Judgment in November or even the pro se filings before sentencing will play a critical role in overturning his federal conviction which can in turn allow him to petition for removal from the Sex Offender Registry under SORNA. Prior to the Mayodan Police raid and arrest of Mr. Brian, he was involved in the Mayodan Town Council exposing Agenda 21 and it’s threat to small towns, then even went as far as going against the National Defense Authorization Act of fiscal year 2012. He even spoke at the town council against the torture of women, men, and children after the Nullify-NDAA Petition drive by lobbying the State of North Carolina to draft a law to resist the NDAA 2012 law to protect the Constitutional rights of North Carolinians. Unfortunately he was kicked out of the Mayodan town council on July 9, 2012 for asking Senator Berger a uncomfortable question and then threatened off-camera by the Chief of Police Charles J. Caruso. Chief Caruso was on site during the raid by Mayodan Police. More articles were released after the threat by the Chief and that was when his mother was reportedly harassed. Later on Brian was threatened to make a false confession or the police stated they could hold his mother responsible. That was when the trouble began for Mr. Brian. Brian even posted a online article about some of Sen. Berger’s campaign contributors are mega-banks that seem to be apart of the Agenda for World Government.

He went underground and worked to uncover the eMule virus(FederalJack article cites the USWGO virus report) that he claimed was on his computer. Then he received threatening emails in 2013 from stating that Brian is going to be a sex offender, that he was set up with child porn, that the police would never believe a word he says, and that his friends were next. Then later on a email with child pornography attached was sent to Luke Rudkowski the founder of in an attempt to frame him during the border crossing. Then later on more attempts were made to Dan Johnson and Stewart Rhodes, then even went as far as Melissa Melton a former news reporter of One threatening email added to court record stated that Brian would lose in trial court which proves both that threat and the child porn set up threats were carried out against Brian and his allies, then Brian was to be called a “Sex Offender” that needs to be away from children even though he takes no interest in children according to my investigation of him.

Philip Edward Berger Jr. the former Rockingham County District Attorney in 2012/2013 was involved in the child porn investigation and so was Reidsville, NC Police Detective Robert Bridge. Detective Bridge’s sister Melanie Bridge was also working at the DA Office around the time of the criminal investigation and Bridge had worked on the search warrant inside the DA’s office before the police raid. The same DA publicly endorsed Melanie to be the new DA of Rockingham County.

Sourced from Court Record: Under Page 8 of that report it stated that “On Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at 0940 hours, Detective Robert Bridge and I met with Rockingham County Chief Assistant District Attorney Julia Hejazi and reviewed the search warrant. Ms. Hejazi made some minor grammatical changes to the search warrant. Detective Bridge retyped it in the District Attorney’s Office before it was presented for approval.” However Detective Bridge failed to mention that his sister was also working at the District Attorney’s Office at the time named Melanie Bridge. With the connections between the criminal investigators involved in the defendant’s case and former District Attorney Phil Berger Jr. it draws very suspicious circumstances in the defendant’s case.

So it appears that the very people involved in Brian’s child porn case and criminal investigation against him had some form of connection to either Phil E. Berger Jr. or Phil Berger Senior. Sen. Berger is the President Pro Tempore of the State Senate, 3rd in line to be governor, and is the Mayodan Town Attorney. Berger Jr. lost in his bid for Congress during the election against Mark Walker but became a administrative law Judge.of North Carolina.

So with a politician and a whole family that is successful with the Berger Law Firm, the NC Senate, and even connections inside the criminal justice system, could Berger have influenced the investigation, indictment, and prosecution of Brian David Hill? Well you be the Judge and do your own research to find out the truth.

The U.S. Department of Justice has received multiple complaints from Brian according to evidence on Docket and public record law. He even filed multiple complaints to the N.C. Office of the Ombudsman to the Crime Lab in the N.C. Department of Justice. Even went as far as writing the crime lab administration employee Joy Strickland(this link shows proof she works for the N.C. DOJ). He even asked her to forward emails to SBI Agent Rodney White in regards to his Innocence asking for holding off on the criminal indictment, however around the time there was a warrant already out for his arrest since November 26, 2013. He has even attempted a written application for a Presidential Pardon from U.S. President Barack Obama to overturn his federal criminal conviction but to no avail.

So as of right now a new attorney was appointed to Brian in his criminal case during the Federal Appeal process.

Source – Photo used in accordance with Fair Use exemption under Copyright law.

The attorney is Mark A. Jones and is apart of the Bell Davis & Pitt, Winston Salem, NC law firm. Even if this attorney is court appointed, he seems to have quite a lot of experience in criminal law and is outside of the usual public defender office as he is under grant by the Criminal Justice Act Board/Panel as you usually have to be in order to be appointed as counsel for indigent defendants. Question is with this new attorney and all the work he has done pro se, will he succeed in appealing his conviction then overturning his whole criminal case which could led to case dismissal or acquittal by a Jury.


Here is a screenshot of the threatening email that was sent to USWGO Alternative News reporter Brian D. Hill that was filed on Court Docket.

Threat email that Brian received screenshot
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Here are the Docket Documents currently published on Scribd in regards to the U.S. District Court filings:

Doc 30 – Motion To File Evidence, Proof Of Threatening Emails, Uswgo Article

Doc 37 – Motion To File Evidence(75 Pages of evidence submitted to the District Court)

Doc 46 – Declaration By Susan Basko In Regards To Brian Hill’s Innocence

Doc 57 – Judge Osteen Jr. Ordered Denial of Pro Se Motion to Extend Time to File Appeal

Doc 59-Main – Motion to Request a Delay on Destruction of Property

Doc 58-Main – MOTION to STAY JUDGMENT – In Regards to Property Forfeiture in – MOTION to STAY JUDGMENT – In Regards to Property Forfeiture

Doc 60-Main – New Evidence by Defendant

Doc 61-Main – New Evidence by Defendant – Evidence Brief

Doc 62-Main – 2ND NOTICE of APPEAL With Additional Evidence

Doc 66-Main – Request for Transcript With Cja-24 Voucher(66-1) and Letter

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