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Did David Crowley murder his wife and daughter before killing himself? Apple Valley Police Captain John Bermel believes so and is working to establish a timeline of events that led up to the alleged double murder-suicide. Within a day of finding the bodies inside the Crowley home, police were telling local media outlets they were investigating the case as a double murder-suicide. We will continue to reach out to the Apple Valley police officers involved in this case, in hopes of understanding what led them to rule this as a double murder-suicide so early into the investigation.

No Signs of A Joint Decision To End Their Lives

Despite what one person close to David Crowley speculated about David and Komel “dying on their own terms” and how “they did everything how they wanted to insure no one would stop them and so no friends or fam would find the bodies,” police have not revealed any evidence to suggest Komel Crowley died on her own terms. This irresponsible comment made by Sean Wright seems similar to the reported speculation Mason Hendricks made to the media. Star Tribune reported, “Mason Hendricks, a close friend, said Crowley and his wife amazingly close and in-tune and speculated that even their deaths had to have been a mutual decision.” A TwinCities.com article by Nick Ferraro has the direct quote from Mason Hendricks, “I honestly believe — and this is all speculative — that this may have been a joint decision. He and Komel had a great relationship. They were like that couple that finishes each other’s sentences.”

A USA Today article mentions Colin Prochnow using the word “they” when possibly referring to double murder-suicides in general, “You have something that happens like that next door and you don’t really know when it happened, and the little girl, why did they have to take the little girl with them when they do things like that?”

More recently, someone posting as Mason Norsk Hest in the Justice For David Crowley & Family Facebook group wrote that the double murder-suicide was “terrible but poetic” before removing the post.

Even though Mason Norsk Hest first states, “I can tell you all this, David did it for certain,” adding he’s 100% certain, he also wrote, “They all went together, it’s terrible but poetic.”

Even more confusing to me is one of the comments Mason Norsk Hest posted when asked if he thinks it was a joint decision between David and Komel to kill themselves and their child, “It can still be joint if David used the gun.”

The Hennepin Medical Examiner’s office stated in a press release that Komel Crowley’s death is listed as a homicide.

Admin Access to Justice For David Crowley & Family Facebook Group

On Wake Up To The Truth with Mike Serour and Eric Wilkinson on March 3rd, 2015, Dan Hennen explained why he started the Justice For David Crowley & Family Facebook group, as well as the requests for admin access to his group. “When I first heard about the story,” Dan Hennen began, “my first search on Facebook was to search for a justice page or something to do with the family to get up-to-speed with the story. When I found that there wasn’t any, I decided to create one and start throwing in some of the articles, some links to the various articles, to have a spot as a forum for people to come and get information and gather information. I was just setting it up by myself, just as the owner of the page, and then after I did another search, after when I was done, I saw that there was another one up done by Thomas Lapp…his is actually a page and mine is a group. So they’re different in that aspect. So he set his up, and it wasn’t until the 19th [of January] that we started getting the requests for rights to the page; and I didn’t get any at first at all. But when corresponding with Thomas Lapp is when we started to get the admin rights [request] coming in from various people, and they all seemed to be from the Gray State team; which is fine. We thought it was odd because they’re going through the grief…the last thing they’d be doing is searching on the web and wanting to type and write things but they wanted administrator rights to moderate. So that was the first thing. When it got a little goofy is when Thomas Lapp shot me an instant message by saying ‘I’m getting a lot of requests for administration rights and full access rights. Just be on the lookout if that comes your way,’ and just to be prepared. He didn’t tell me how to handle it, or what to do, he just says, ‘Just FYI.’ Gave the 411 that this might be coming on the path. I said well that certainly seems odd but, and then he said it went from being admins to full rights and then once he did grant one person admin rights, a bunch of threads were soon deleted. So that didn’t go over. Being an admin is one thing…but Thomas wasn’t too happy then when he found out that a hand-full of threads were deleted…so he had a bunch of requests that came in to be the administrator…Mike Paczesny, at the same time, while this was all going on, uploaded that YouTube video of [Gray State: The Rise] the rough cut, which really threw things into disarray because the Gray State was trying to put out that fire at the same time. They were trying to pull that down and deal with Paczesny, who evidently went rogue and just decided to publish it. But at the same time we were…trying to work with the Gray State team to get together a conference call for the next day to get it to go public. Brendon Jay spent a lengthy phone call – he’s from the Gray State team – Brendan Jay has been very good dealing with Thomas Lapp…they were putting together a conference call and invited me to get on too and wanted to get the three of us, the two pages and the Gray State team to get together and put our heads together and see what would be the best way to either put together a video or a YouTube or something to get it out there at the nation-wide level to really expose this case…I think it was when Joe Hagmann got involved, he suggested even doing it for the show for that very night, if you bump it back an hour. Instead of doing a conference call, you guys can just call in live on the Hagmann and Hagmann internet radio show and we can get this out there to a much broader audience. So we had agreed to do that for a 10 p.m. eastern-time show and everything was good. At that time, I believe the Gray State guys were putting out the fire of the rough-cut documentary. Then at 8:49 p.m. I get a contact from Thomas Lapp that says the show’s been canceled; and he mentions that things have “gotten weird.” So he said the show’s canceled. I’m not sure what’s going on now…it was at that point that Sean Wright – from the Gray State team – now was demanding full admin rights, and said, and threatened he’ll terminate the page if he wasn’t granted those rights, and he’ll get it shut down, he’ll delete the entire thing. So, it went from asking for rights to help moderate a page to terminating, to deleting the page…then I got hit…with the requests for administration rights to my page, and I said no that’s fine, I’ll just keep it going here myself. I might need a moderator or two to help bring people in but I don’t want to give up the admin rights. Certainly, after what’s happened here the other day to the previous page. So, it really got nasty at that point. That was on January 20th, the evening…the bodies were found on the 17th, and the Gray State announced the deaths on the 18th. This is two days later, which I keep putting myself in that situation, if a close friend or a business worker, or a co-worker of mine [died], would I be on the internet two days later looking for admin rights? I don’t even think I would be on the internet…it was after that declining the admin rights to be able to give to the Gray State guys is when it all went downhill. It was surprising for Thomas and I because it was less than 24 hours…everything was going well. Information was getting out there. Brendan Jay said from the beginning, he’s like, I don’t buy it. I don’t buy this official story one iota…but then a hand-full of guys from Gray State say no, this isn’t the case. They wanted to steer, they didn’t want conspiracy theories out there surrounding David Crowley…”

Is Infowars.com Investigating This Privately?

Infowars.com reporter Joe Biggs was interviewed by Weaponized News.com on January 24, 2015 and stated, “Right now it’s one of those things that’s up in the air. I’m looking into it as well, among many other things. When something like this happens, the first thing I do is I try to look on people’s Facebook pages…so I try to find the friends of the people, I add them, and then I look to see if there have been any posts. When you do research like that, you’ll see, over the past few days, all I’ve seen are people going like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve known this guy forever. He’s not someone who could have ever done this. This is mind blowing’…you also think about, they started this film like three years ago. They did some kind of crowd fund thing or whatever. They raised sixty-thousand dollars and ever since the trailer came out, there’s been nothing done. So for two years, production’s completely pretty much stopped from what I’ve heard and there’s been nothing done with it. So did they stop making the movie and just start living off that money that was raised? And then they ran out of money and he lost his mind? Or what else is there? There’s so many things that could have happened. Like I said, it’s so early into it. There was a leak of the documentary…and that was going to be used to raise more money to finish the actual feature film, Gray State.”

On January 25, 2015, A caller mentioned David Crowley’s death on the Alex Jones show:

Rick: (in Wisconsin, January 25th, 2015. At 1:04:00) “I wanted you to let everybody know about David Crowleys’ execution, the creator of the Gray State.”

Alex Jones: “Well we did cover that last week and it looks like another assassination of somebody in the media. Just like the prosecutor in Argentina who said they’re trying to kill me, I’m about to give a speech in two hours proving that the President carried out staged bombings, and he was, now they admit, murdered.”

Rick: “He was executed. He was shot in the head, all three of them. Him and his wife and his daughter.”

Alex Jones: “I know, and so was the prosecutor. And the President said it was a conspiracy theory, but now they admit he was murdered, the prosecutor. A lot of people are getting killed right now…they’re just murdering people.”

Until the Apple Valley Police Department are able to prove their theory, that David Crowley killed his wife and 5 year old daughter before killing himself, questions will continue to be asked by the public.

The video below includes highlights from the timeline of events (draft 2) created by Dan Hennen; including information provided by (the presumed) Sidrah Alam, Komel Crowley’s sister. Also included is the post made by Mason Norsk Hest in the Justice For David Crowley & Family facebook group, who calls the deaths terrible but poetic and speculates on a mutual decision made by David and Komel to end their lives and take their child with them.

Visit the Justice For David Crowley & Family group on Facebook for more information or to share your thoughts on this case. For more information on this case, read 21st Century News Wire’s article, SHADES OF GRAY: Tragic Deaths of ‘Gray State’ Filmmaker David Crowley & Family Still a Mystery.

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