My Conversation with a Friend of David Crowley

Is this video banned in your country? Here’s an audio version.

Conversation with a Friend of David Crowley – MBS Talk Radio #10 by Greg Fernandez Jr. on Mixcloud

(*Error: I kept calling Mr. Prochnow, “Procktow.” I apologize for that error. Additional errors will be added if discovered.)

In a free country everyone is entitled to their opinion. Here I offer mine. I received two messaged from a friend of David Crowley asking me to stop asking questions about the alleged double-murder suicide. The first message was an instant message I received as an instant message on Facebook. The conversation was followed-up by a phone call. I have since blocked this person on Facebook and I want nothing to do with him ever again. I am not accusing this person of anything. I just want the record to be clear from my point of view. God Bless.

Anthony Antonello covers the David Crowley case on January 18th, 2015.

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