David Crowley – Back Slider Unlocked, Slightly Ajar

“Even though you may be killed resisting, the act of resistance on a metaphysical level has value.” – David Crowley (Alex Jones Show, Sept. 2012)

In Apple Valley, Minnesota the bodies of David Crowley, 29, his wife Komel, 28, and their 5 year old daughter Rani were found by a neighbor on Saturday January 17th, 2015. Apple Valley police officers arrived at the Crowley residence at 12:56 p.m.

The neighbor, Collin Prochnow, hadn’t seen the Crowley family in nearly four weeks, since before Christmas. A pile of packages on the front door step prompted the neighbor to investigate. When the neighbor rang the doorbell he heard the dog barking, but no one answered.

Mr. Prochnow then peered through the front window and saw three bodies in the front room.

A black gun was also in view through the window.According to what Prochnow told the Star Tribune, the bodies looked like mannequins, “To me, they just didn’t look human.” Prochnow is not the first person to mistake a dead body for a mannequin. Though he didn’t give an exact date or time, in December of 2014 Prochnow heard a noise that sounded like a gun shot.

Paleo, the family dog, was found alive, but had apparently ripped part of a sectional couch in the living room. The dog will hopefully be released into the custody of a Crowley family member.

When police arrived at the Crowley house an officer peered through the window, “There’s several obviously deceased bodies in the front.”

According to police dispatch audio one officer was at the back of the house and told dispatch, “Rear slider is unlocked, slightly ajar.”Another officer states, “We’re gonna make entry as soon as [inaudible] can get here and get this dog.” The back door was “slightly ajar” before officers made an entry into the house.

Apple Valley Police Captain John Bermel told KAAL We will establish a timeline and try to piece together what happened in that house.”

On January 18th, police called the deaths “suspicious,” but were already telling reporters this was a double-murder suicide case. There is a two sentence note allegedly written by David Crowley and it’s possible authorities will use this note as evidence to prove their theory.

Andy Campbell of The Huffington Post claimed, “David Crowley’s social media sites show that he had a fascination with guns. Many of his photos feature pellet guns or military gear.” In my opinion, posing with guns in photographs does not prove Crowley had a fascination with firearms. The Huffington Post article further assumes David Crowley “had begun to act strangely over the past year,” and as evidence Campbell wrote, “Prochnow said he noticed that David recently started wearing fatigues despite having completed his five-year stint in the Army, and cut his hair short last year.”

On January 19th, NY Daily News claimed Crowley had a “passion for war gaming,” almost mirroring what the Huffington Post said about the deceased director.

The Crowleys bought the house in December of 2013. Pat Pheifer of the Star Tribune reported, “Judy Prochnow said another neighbor had commented to her about the curtains at the Crowleys’ home being wide open when, usually, they were closed. But neither the Prochnows nor Alice and Bill Hixson, who live across the street, heard any gunshots or a dog barking, they said.”

David’s father attempted to call his son over the holidays but was unsuccessful. Local actor Charles Hubbell had been trying to reach Crowley for over a month. He told KAAL (ABC 6 News) “I was absolutely crushed. This is not the David that I know. This is nowhere near the David I know. He was proud of his service. He was proud of his expertise.”

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