JFK DAY – Assassin of Assassin (Richard Nagell)

Audio message about the man who knew too much about the assassination plans. “The Man Who Knew Too Much” by Dick Russell is the story of Military intelligence operative Richard Case Nagell, the man who was shadowing Lee Harvey Oswald’s movements, eventually Nagell was asked to eliminate Oswald. Richard Nagell reported to his superiors about several plots to assassinate the President of the United States. Two months before JFK was assassinated, Richard Nagell walked into a federally insured bank, fired two bullets into the bank ceiling, walked out of the bank, got into his car, where he was arrested by officer Jim Bundren. Nagell would tell the officer he didn’t want to be in Dallas. After JFK was killed, the words of Nagell led Bundren to believe the alleged intelligence officer knew something about what happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Nagell notified several government agencies about several plots to kill JFK, including J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI.

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