Gun Rights – Part One

“We wish guns were never invented, but they were. We wish criminals would follow laws, but they don’t.” – Greg Fernandez Jr

The line has been drawn with the 2nd Amendment. The rights to establish a well regulated militia and the rights to bear arms shall not be infringed. This right has very little to do with hunting, and more about survival. As Jesse Ventura told Piers Morgan and his audience, “ ”

“They’ll find a way to kill if they want to kill.” – Walter Bradley

People like Walter Bradley, host of Heart Talk with Walter Bradley – a man who served his country well – are not going to stand by as the 2nd Amendment is eroded and eliminated. This is serious business, and you can feel that in the words Walter uses.

Fear of Guns
Here’s what Bob Costas said that helps contribute to the death of the United States Constitution. We citizens of America have a huge responsibility to protect the people from enemies, both foreign and domestic. Of course, Bob Costas almost got his head ripped off by Vince McMahon. Wouldn’t you love to hear what Vince McMahon, CEO and creator of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), thinks of Bob Costas’ following comments?

I sure would…

…but oh, how the plot thickens. In the following months we are going to see a bombardment of anti-gun rhetoric and the promotion of treasonous actions. That is, to limit and possibly eliminate our rights to bear the same arms as enemies both foreign and domestic.

Take Athena Butler, University of Pennsylvania Professor – Associate Professor of Religious Studies – for example. Are we still living in a world separated by racial divide? Perhaps. Do we need to contribute to or encourage such speech? I don’t think so. Yet I understand that once I take away someone’s freedom of speech it opens the door to take away other God-given constitutional rights. The following video could be taken out of context, as it is only 30 seconds long. At the end of the video is the racial divide being associated with those who are against gun control.

“Listen, people can be mentally ill across the spectrum. People can also be evil across the spectrum. Why are we only ascribing certain kinds of words to certain kinds of people? …and also it’s about fear of not having enough guns if the brown people or the black people rise up and come and get you.”

Perhaps because she’s listed as a professor of a big university, some people will take her words seriously. Like most who advocate gun control, it seems she does not understand the constitutional issue here. Perhaps she does, and since this video could be taken out of context, perhaps she is in favor of some gun rights. Like the freedom of speech issue, perhaps I am in favor of some of her freedoms of speech. Does that give me the right to regulate what freedom of speech rights she should have? Absolutely not. Once we lose some rights, we are destined to lose them all. We saw that with the Patriot Act after September 11th, 2001. Perhaps the door that was left open that day is still open to treason. Perhaps my friends and activists are right when they tell me the U.S. Constitution is de4ad or on life-support. Perhaps if I still respect the Constitution and the rights given, then perhaps the Constitution is still alive.

Jesse Ventura

Piers Morgan has some issues to worry about. People in the USA want him deported for his anti-American stances. Some citizens of the United Kingdom don’t want Mr. Morgan back! But he’s got to live somewhere. What’s a bloak to do?

We knew this was coming. When it comes to dismantling the Constitution, that’s when the Democrips and Rebloodlicans join forces for the greater evil! At least, that is my opinion after reading this. (Although, it was also my opinion before reading this.) They are coming for our guns, but that only leads to the real dismantling of the Constitution.

Having guns in schools will not increase gun violence. Having them in schools could act as a deterrent against mass school shootings. We need to find a solution to the mass shootings across America. We don’t allow, or frown upon, guns in schools, but perhaps that is the reason why we have so many shootings in areas where people aren’t known to carry guns. We’ve tried it without gun and it doesn’t work. The mass shootings have proven that. Now let’s try it with guns in our schools, malls, and theaters. How? People need to be trained on how to properly use guns to protect others from crazy people with guns. It might not prevent all shootings, will it will prevent and detour mass shootings. Since criminals do not follow laws, the citizens cannot be disarmed against such criminals.

Isn’t it strange that crazy people do crazy things and the government’s answer is to prevent me from protecting myself from such crazies? What’s more crazy is that these mass shooters almost always have a history of using psychotropic drugs. Yet the government does not feel the need to ban such drugs. Instead they punish every citizen for crimes committed by the crazies. Good people are being punished for doing nothing but living heir lives and minding their own business. We are forced, as a people, to defend our right to bear arms, to protect our freedom of speech, and to speak out against a government that apparently does not respect the United States Constitution. It seems to me they only respect what they choose to respect. This would be like me only choosing to believe part of the Bible, the Holy Scripture. That is something I cannot do. Whether I agree entirely with the United Sates constitution or not, I will never push to take away your God-given constitutional rights.

the elite carry guns to school

Natural Editor Mike Adams elaborates on what Jesse Ventura said in the above video. (You did watch Jesse’s video right? It’s only five minutes long.) Mr. Adams proves once and for all that guns don’t kill people.

In Conclusion, here is another video I made that I hope will remind people of the real issue we face when people tell us to turn in or regulate our gun rights…

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