Less than 24 hours left for Lost Secrets of Ancient America part 2 Fundraiser

In the last year or so, my wife and I have moved a bit beyond just investigating the common geopolitical turmoil many sites like ours cover. Potential war with countries like Syria plague the mainstream feeds and alternative news alike but as I have come to know, it’s whats not being talked about and kept in the dark that one needs to worry about.

Folks love to dismiss stories of giants in the bible as just myth or fantasy. Plenty of lip service is given to the plight of Native Americas yet many completely ignore the oral traditions of these same people. Previously, filmmaker and host of “The Global Reality”, Josh Reeves completed a 3 hour investigative journey on just this topic. What he found was nothing short of disturbing.

Mr. Reeves findings implicate the Department of Homeland Security, Smithsonian and even some beloved politicians of old. If people want to sit around arguing over details of 9/11, that’s fine. But a much larger archaeological lie was thrust upon early Americans and humanity in general. Smoking gun evidence regarding multiple races of giants gets covered up to keep us from really finding out the nitty gritty details about the human race and yet it saddens me that the relatively small budget for such a brilliant film has not yet been raised.

Yes, I am asking for donations and oddly enough it’s not even for my own film. If the topics mentioned above are of any interest for you whatsoever and you really want to try to get as much of the bigger picture as possible (however uncomfortable), I urge you to donate towards part 2 of The Lost Secrets of Ancient America.

It has been quite easy for skeptics and shills alike to try and deflect this issue as not having any merit at all, unfortunately the evidence just isn’t favoring them. Someone has already gone and done the investigative research for us. Several bigger budget films of far later importance will be made this year and having the best interest of free humanity in mind, I just had try one final attempt to get this issue a little more exposure. This subject has the potential of shedding much understanding on our world and how and why we are where we are. Won’t you help us all get just a bit more of the picture?

Volume 1 trailer

Volume 2 trailer

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