Superman Kills Zod

Man of Steel is an anti-eugenics film. The villain, Zod, was programmed from birth for one purpose – to preserve the Kryptonian race. Superman becomes Zod’s last hope to maintain his pre-programming. Zod confesses he has nightmares about killing Jor-El, Superman’s father. Zod’s right-hand lady, Faora, explains to Superman the differences between the son of Jor-El and the other Kryptonians. The big difference is compassion for others. Superman, Kal-El, has compassion and real emotions because he was a rare Krytonian, born of natural birth. Zod is furious at Jor-El for the natural birth and eventually kills Superman’s father before Krypton explodes. The planet evetually explodes because the Kryptonians have drilled into the planet’s core. Their greed is the cause of their demise.

Before killing Jor-El, Zod attempts a coup on Krypton but it fails. Zod, Faora, and the rest of the traitors are banished into the Phanton Zone. When Krypton explodes, Zod and his followers are freed from the Phanton Zone prison.

The Fortess of Solitude is a giant Kryptonian scout ship that was left on earth a long time ago. When Superman activates the ship, it triggers a tracking beacon that alerts Zod to Superman’s whereabouts. Zod and his companions cannot enter earth’s atmosphere without problems. Superman had a hard time adapting to earth when he first arrived as a baby. Clark’s mother tells him how he had trouble breathing as a child, and how worried she was. Zod has the same problems when he arrives on earth and threatens Superman’s mom. Superman goes crazy when his mom is choked and thrown to the ground, just as any red-blooded Kansas kid would. Zod and his team need special helmets to face Superman on earth, but eventually Zod adapts to earth’s environment and a giant battle between he and Superman closes the film.

Zod plans to rebuild Krypton on earth, but by doing so he will also destroy all the humans on earth. Superman must decide if he will join the Kryptonians or if he will save the human race. I won’t spoil that for you.

Just kidding, Superman might have been born on Krypton, but he was raised in Kansas. NORAD General Stanwick asks Superman about his loyalty to the United States. What if Superman becomes a threat to national security? Superman tells the general, “I’m from Kansas. I’m as American as can be.”

Superman is forced to kill Zod before Zod can kill a family of four; a family who has decided to curl up in a corner and scream for help instead of run away. Superman begs Zod to stop, but Zod was bred for a certain purpose, to preserve the Kryptonian race. Superman snaps Zod’s neck before crying out in sorrow.

Superman Kills?

Superman does not kill people. Zod is not a person. In the comic books, Superman has killed Zod before, al though in a parallel universe. In Superman 2 with Christopher Reeves, Superman also kills Zod. Rememebr when Superman killed Doomsday in the Death of Superman storyline? Superman would kill Brainiac if he could, but Braniac is is more of a computer program. So it’s safe to say that Superman kills Kryptonians, not humans.

Superman is Not Jesus or Satan

Jesus doesn’t kill anyone. Superman does. Jesus helps others. Satan is the father of lies. We can make comparisons if we want to, and talk about cryptic messages of a son being sent to save the world, but I can also suggest that Superman doesn’t even compare to the Son of God. Where to start?

Superman came from Krypton. Krypton is not Heaven. Superman searches for his past and why he’s on earth. Christ knew his purpose and that he would die on the cross for our sins. Superman can’t die. Jesus preached of salvation through him. Superman does not. Jesus fed thousands of people at a time. Superman never did that. Jesus said he who has seen the father has seen me. Superman never claimed he was the Son of God. Christ was baptized in water. Clark Kent was not a heavy spiritual believer. Ever see Clark Kent in church? In the Man of Steel movie, Superman does go to a church in Smallville and speaks to a Deacon about who he really is, but like most humans, Superman goes to church for help in his personal life, not for worship. Just off the top of my head, those are a few differences.

Jesus was born in Nazareth, Clark Kent was born in Kansas. See how dumb this sounds? We can make comparisons between real-life figures and comic book characters all day long, but we should be able to see the difference between the two. If you think watching Superman is bad for your Christian soul then don’t watch the movie. I’m a Christian and I can separate the differences between the Bible and a comic book.

Are there clear similarities? Of course. A boy sent from outerspace will help the world. He will walk among them but he won’t be one of them. He was sent by his father. Jor-El is Joseph. Lara is Mary. Clark/Kal-El is Christ.

But if Jor-El is Joseph then it’s clear that Jor-El is not God. More so, Christ was born of a virgin. Lara and Jor-El conceived Kal the same way humans would. Christ was sent to earth to die for our sins, and he will return. Superman is more like an alien walking among us. Superman is a proud American. Jesus Christ never pledged allegiance to any nation. Superman has a history of violence. Jesus Christ did not.

Just a few thoughts.

The Worst Thing About Man of Steel

The worst part in Man of Steel is when the writer and director both reveal that Christian Bale’s Batman does not live in this version of Superman’s universe. That is the dumbest thing about this movie. Aside from that fact, Man of Steel is the greatest movie ever! Those who complained about the lack of character development and the lack of romance between Superman and Lois Lane should go see Superman Returns. There’s a reason why this Superman is different from any other version of the man of steel. This is the Superman we’ve been waiting for! A Superman who actually fights other supermen! Not one who is fixated on his humanity and making Lois Lane his girlfriend. Been there, done that.
Man of Steel Movie Spoiler
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