Jesse Ventura Will Sue Chris Kyle Estate

by Greg Fernandez Jr.
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Speaking with Alex Jones of, Jesse Ventura explained why he is going ahead with the defamation lawsuit against Chris Kyle. Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield were savagely shot multiple times by former Marine Eddie Routh at a shooting range in Texas on February 2, 2013. Before being murdered, Chris Kyle was being sued by fellow former Navy Seal Jesse Ventura for making false allegations of slander. The defamation lawsuit against Kyle would have been dropped by Ventura if Kyle agreed to tell the truth that he lied about physically assaulting the former governor at a bar for insulting United States soldiers that died in the Iraq War. Kyle would also be responsible for Ventura’s attorney fees. (More on the details here) Chris Kyle decided not to settle out of court at that time.

“The way the law works now,” Ventura explained, “is his wife becomes the executor of his estate. So I’m forced to sue her, which I have done. Now again, I have no beef with her at all, but that’s the procedure you have to follow, and none of the attorneys on that side will offer an apology or will speak the truth. So we’re heading to court I guess…I’ve been cheated too because I certainly want him alive so we can put him on the stand, and I’d like to know why he tried to throw me under the bus. Was it simply because I opposed the Iraq War? Any citizen has a right to do that.”

Will Bill O’Reilly Have Jesse Ventura On His Show?

Bill O’Reilly wants Jesse Ventura to do the right thing. Ventura believes O’Reilly should do the right thing and give him some airtime on the O’Reilly Factor to defend himself. Right now, there are some in the media who are attacking the former Governor of Minnesota for going through with the defamation lawsuit, even though his accuser is deceased. The critics rarely let Jesse Ventura articulate his viewpoint on the issue, but they were more than happy to give credence to Chris Kyle’s allegations against Ventura.

On the Alex Jones Show, Ventura was given the chance to tell his side of the story. “The procedure says that I have to move forward and bring the lawsuit against her,” Ventura told Jones over the phone. “I know Bill O’Reilly got on TV…and looked into the camera and told me to do the right thing and drop the lawsuit. Well of course he’s gonna say that because he’s part of Newscorp. and Newscorp. is also part of his publishing company. And believe me, if I win this lawsuit, I’m coming after them next.”

Later in the interview, the former Navy Seal spoke about Bill O’Reilly’s fair and balanced news reporting. “Bill O’Reilly wants me to drop the lawsuit, after he reports on it multiple times and poisons the public’s mind over me. Now I’m supposed to do the right thing? Why won’t he have me on to defend myself? There’s a question. [To] your listeners, call Bill O’Reilly and ask him how come everybody gets to talk about this, but he won’t let me on to defend myself?”

“My main objective has always been, and I offered it to [Chris Kyle] a year ago, the first time I ever met him at a preliminary conference – all it would have taken then was an apology and to admit that the story didn’t happen, and he wouldn’t do it…as far as I can tell you right now, we will go to trial. I feel confident that the evidence is what it is, it never happened. If you can lose a trial where something didn’t happen, well then I know that the United States of America truly indeed has lost its moral compass.” – Jesse Ventura (6/14/13: The Alex Jones Show)

Ventura Would Never Say Soldiers Deserve To Die

Chris Kyle alleged that Jesse Ventura was in a bar talking smack about United States soldiers. To that, Jesse Ventura jokingly remarked, “That would be the equivalent of going to the Hells Angels clubhouse and telling them they suck.”

While there is no evidence that Ventura ever said a bad thing about the troops, there is plenty of evidence to prove Ventura has supported the men and women of the armed forces all of his life. It’s the wars he doesn’t support, not the warriors. “The point of the matter is that I view our soldiers and sailors and airmen as victims. War happens because of failed politics. Politicians are the cause of war. The poor service-people are just the tool they use and they’re victims also…if you disagree with a war, then it’s your job to try to ensure that our young men and women don’t go die in a war that you don’t agree with…I still haven’t figured out why we invaded Iraq.”

Moving Forward

We’ve been following the allegations made by Chris Kyle against the former Navy Seal Jesse Ventura. Not only did Kyle claim Ventura criticized fellow soldiers, he also claimed to have sucker-punched Ventura as a result of the alleged criticism. “All I know is that the story was not true,” Ventura told Jones. “It never happened, and I will defend ’til the end, and I will seek out the only way that I can clear myself, and that’s through our court system. So, I really hope people aren’t angry at me because the media tries to make it look like I’m going after [money]. It’s never been about money. It’s been about the truth and the media makes it look like I’m going after this widow and her family, now this war hero, and that isn’t the case at all. It’s what I have to do to clear my name for the slanderous things of being called a traitor to my country.”

Regarding the coming court case in August, Ventura added, “Insurance companies are paying the other side, so it’s truthfully me against the big insurance company of the publisher, not against the wife, and what they try to do is, they try to run you out of money. They wait until the 11th hour and hope that you’ll go away and hope that public pressure will cause you to give up what you believe in and they hope to run you out of money. And unfortunately I have enough money that they can’t run me out of it to get a case to court. And so, we will go to court in August, I guess.”

As we move forward to the court case in August, we will see where the public stands; with or against Jesse Ventura.

(Unrelated, February 2, 2013, when Chris Kyle was murdered, was the same day Philip Marshall’s body was found (who allegedly shoot his two teenage children and then himself) in Murphys California.)

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