The Truth Show: Truth Music, Truth Comedy, Truth Speakings

Live Music, Comedy, Speakings, and Poetry. Pre-show at 7:45 pm.
May 27, 2013. 8 pm at The Manor Lounge, 18250 Hesperian Blvd San Lorenzo, CA 94580.

The Truth Show: Music, Comedy, Speakings, Poetry.

The Truth Show Lineup:
(subject to change)
Vic Sadot & Eric Golub: Masters of War (5)
Host Introduction to the Truth Show (5)
Greg Fernandez Jr & Shawna Darling: P. Letter / Get Lost (8)
Vic Sadot & Eric Golub: Simple Song of Freedom (6)
Quincey Carr (10)
Chris Gordon (10)
Greg Fernandez Jr & Anthony London: Funny Money (4)
Vic Sadot & Eric Golub: The Federal Reserve (3)
Sean Ackley (10)
Vic Sadot & Eric Golub: Full Spectrum Dominance (5)
Dan The Man Pickell (10)
Vic Sadot & Eric Golub: Fruits of My Labor / Working Class Hero (6)
Sonny Desai (10)
Joel Weidauer (5)
Vic Sadot & Eric Golub: Oh What A Day / Love Me I’m A Liberal (9)
Noah Westwind (10)
Patrick Roddie (10)
Anthony London, Eric Golub & Greg Fernandez Jr: Anything (4)
Manny Trev (10)
Eric Golub: Under The Boardwalk (Pluck-Style) (2)
Walter Bradley (10)
Shawna Darling: You’re The One / So Close (9)
Host Closing Words (3)
Eric Golub: Amazing Grace (2)

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