Philip Marshall Questions – Waiting For Answers

by Greg Fernandez Jr

“Even if I’d had no other reason to investigate, my airline family deserved an honest account of the attack. I might add that we also deserve this because 911 has been used against us ever since, in a running nightmare of contrived bankruptcy, draconian working conditions and hostile management.” – Philip Marshall (False Flag 911)

We now await the latest media release from the Calaveras County Sheriff’s office, the coroner’s autopsy results, the toxicology report, and hopefully paraffin and ballistics tests. Also, it would be nice if the police could come up with a motive for their theory that Philip Marshall shot his two children, his dog, and then himself. Sgt. Chris Hewitt confirmed there is no suicide note either. So the question is how the police came to the conclusion that Philip Marshall committed a double-murder suicide.

“There’s definitely a movement going on. It seems like they’re preparing for something. They’re definitely hooking into the counties, local police departments. It’s gonna be one big federal eye watching us when we should be watching them.” – Philip Marshall (Coast To Coast AM – 43:11)

Investigative researcher Chris Gordon and host of Heart Talk Walter Bradley traveled with me back to Murphys, California, where we hoped to give the people a closer view of the Marshall home and see how far apart the neighbor’s houses are. We learned about a 5K run in honor of Alex and Macaila Marshall on Sunday March 24, 2013. We spoke to locals in the area. Most of them did not want to talk to us but a few would.

We visited the Marshall house and saw a car in the driveway,  one box outside the front door, a vase with two flowers in it, writing on the front door, and a few empty rooms.



We saw water puddles on both sides of Chris Gordon in the above photo.

A hose was wrapped around the green railing.

A small frog was placed in front of the door. Looking through the front window you can see all the way to the back porch. A long hallway with hardwood floors leads to a living room, where a black couch faces the back porch. A glass table and black chairs are near the couch and it’s possible some things were removed from this room. Cleaning items were also visible through a near-by window. Behind the living room is the kitchen area. Some of the bedrooms are probably on the level below and at least one room on this level was empty except for one white blanket.

With a silver Volvo in the driveway, Chris knocked on Marshall’s front door but no one answered. The neighbor, where Wayne Madsen took the first photograph of the Marshall house, did not answer the door either. Comparing Madsen’s photograph to what the three of us saw, not much changed between the time Madsen was there and when we arrived almost a month later. The barbeque pit and the porch swing had not moved since the above photo was taken in early February.

The Next Media Release Is Coming

There were two versions of the “Media Release” sent out by the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office. A third release should be available sometime around March 22, according to what Sgt. Chris Hewitt of the sheriff’s office told Chris Gordon over the phone. The new media release should include a toxicology report. We hope tests have been done to determine if Philip Marshall fired a weapon before he died.

More answers will be found in the police report and testimony of what the friends of Alex and Macaila saw when they went to the Marshall home on February 2, 2013. From the media release above we know the eyewitnesses saw Philip Marshall lying in a pool of blood. I would also like to know if the eyewitnesses saw Alex and Macaila as well. The media release describes how the police found the two teens, but not if the eyewitnesses saw the Marshall children.

The coroner told Chris Gordon Philip Marshall shot himself while standing up, most likely. Would that mean Philip Marshall shot himself while standing up and somehow the gun fell under him as his body hit the ground? One report claimed the gun was found under Marshall. If Marshall was standing up then the coroner should find some wounds from the impact when Marshall hit the hardwood floor after shooting himself.

It is possible to shoot yourself on the left-side of the head with a gun in your right hand. An employee at a local business told us that Marshall was right-handed and grabbed stuff off of the shelves with his right hand too. This person saw Mr. Marshall sign his credit card receipt with his right hand. We asked for the video that showed which hand Marshall signed with but the employee said they only keep surveillance-videos for thirty days. When asked if the police had asked for any video the employee said no. We also mentioned to a resident from Angels Camp that we found it strange that Marshall was allegedly right-handed but he was shot on the left-side of his head. The resident told us she’s left-handed, but shoots with her right hand. Our President Barack Obama, who writes left-handed, has been photographed shooting a weapon with his left hand on the trigger. However unlikely it may seem that Marshall would place a gun in his right hand and shoot himself on the left side if his head, it is possible.

The space between the houses is important as well. Recently, Calaveras County Coroner Kevin Raggio told Chris Gordon, “You have to walk past the garage to get into the house. The house is all double-pane windows. So with the door closed, you’ve got a big garage there, number one, that’s gonna insulate the sound. You’ve got a big substantial front door on the house, all dual-pane windows…you’re not gonna hear much.”

I agree that the houses are not very close. There is a long windy driveway that leads down to the Marshall home. If Marshall was shot near his front door then if anyone heard the gun shots, it should be the neighbor next door (the house to the right of the satellite image of the Marshall house). When we arrived to the area, the home next to the Marshall residence was for sale with a “sale pending” sign.

The writing on the door is the creepiest thing I saw on my trip back to Murphys. A few people have mentioned that I may be making too much of someone writing “Love Wins” on Philip Marshall’s door. What do you think? Did love win? I think as long as we keep searching for the truth love wins. If we ignore the questions that surround the Philip Marshall case, I don’t see how love wins.

Wayne Madsen told Alex Jones of that Philip Marshall “was estranged from his wife, but it was very amicable.” The two trips to Turkey are interesting. Though the Marshall’s first divorce hearing was set for February 25,  the couple had recently traveled to the country together. Interviewed by Jakari Jackson on Infowars Nightly News, Madsen spoke about Sean Marshall’s relationship with her husband. “The estranged wife was actually in Turkey, on a trip that Phil Marshall arranged because he was trying to set her up in an import business to import linens and soaps, specialty soaps and Saffron from Turkey. Her background was in buying such things once for Nordstrom department store. So it wasn’t that it was an acrimonious divorce. They were very friendly. he was trying to set her up in business so she’d have something to do.”

Jump The Frog













The Calaveras County Sheriff’s office has accused Philip Marshall of a double-murder suicide. They better have the proof to back up their theory. As of now, we are just waiting for answers.

Philip Marshall’s Obituary
“MARSHALL Philip R. Marshall Philip Randolph Marshall, 54, died tragically, along with his son Alex (17) and daughter Macaila (14) at their home in Murphys, California on February 1, 2013. Phil was born in New Orleans on August 2, 1958, the son of Carl Marshall, of Covington, Louisiana, and the late Kathryn Olson Marshall. He is survived by his father, his brother Robert C. Marshall and his sister Virginia Marshall Morgan, and their families. A memorial service will be held at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, March 29th, at the Lakefront Gazebo in Mandeville, Louisiana. Phil spent his early years in the New Orleans area. He was a graduate of Mandeville High School on the North Shore, where he was an All-Star receiver. He briefly attended Southwestern University at Lafayette and worked offshore before pursuing his passion – flying. Phil worked his way up from a student pilot, to instructor, then to charter pilot on Lear Jets until he was hired by a major airline. He progressed to become a full captain on jumbo jets, flying around the world for United Airlines. Phil lived in Dallas, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Santa Barbara and Murphys, California. He was a devoted father to his children and spent many hours on the ball field as a Little League coach. He was a lifelong diehard Saints fan, attending games as a kid, starting from John Gilliam’s opening day kickoff return for a touchdown, through the Billy Kilmer, Archie Manning, Aints’ and Drew Brees days and culminating with the thrill of the Super Bowl victory in 2010. Phil even organized and flew the “Free Sean Payton” plane last summer and fall. Phil authored three books that he self-published, and he definitely was not afraid to tackle extremely controversial subjects.”
(Published in The Times-Picayune from March 15 to March 17, 2013)

While We Wait

When available you can find the new press release here

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