Are military tanks and troops being stationed on Virginia I-95?

Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

We have learned information from a veiled source in Virginia, and are trying to confirm the accuracy and authenticity of this information that military tanks and armed troops sitting on top appearing around Virginia I-95.

Someone named Shawn called from Virginia and stated that there are 20-25 military tanks parked on I-95 with armed troops on top of them. They are American troops are are leaving people alone but are staying posted at the interstate.

USWGO is gathering up people from Virginia to confirm to authenticity of this information and if it is really credible. If there are troops on Interstate 95 then the alternative media needs to be reporting on this as time is running out to get this on credible news record.

If anyone who reads this has any information tips then please email them to our usual news tip line or Contact Box at USWGO. If any tipper needs to be kept anonymous we will honor that request and do our best to protect our sources.

Around June 2nd towards leaving Chantilly, VA there was a military convoy heading the opposite towards Chantilly which I saw but failed to get a good photo of it.

This will stay rumor status until the information is confirmed. Once we get sources or any public information confirming this USWGO will keep the public informed on this matter of military troops stationed on American soil outside military bases. If anyone lives close to Interstate 95 we ask that people try to get video or photos posted verifying this then send USWGO the youtube video link. I have also contacted someone at Infowars about this but won’t say who.

Could this be some kind of hope for America or troops ready to throw us in FEMA Camps? Could this be for a revolution or civil war? USWGO will keep you posted.

Federal Jack

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