Rand Paul finally betrays the Republic he has served, No Comment on Bilderberg, endorses Mitt Romney

Was he threatened or just wanted to sellout after getting widespread public support from liberty lovers??? (Credit: http://www.greenewave.com; Photo has been cropped to keep the photo in compliance with Fair Use guidelines under copyright law and is posted here for informational and investigative purposes.)

Author: Brian D. Hill

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Senator Rand Paul, a man who has done a lot of great things for this republic, the son of one of the greatest Congressman in U.S. history, finally sells out as he betrays the very Republic he has served. After Sen. Paul endorsed Republican establishment Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, said ‘No Comment’ to a question by reporter and Activist Adam Kokesh when asked about John Kerry violating the Logan Act federal law by attending the Bilderberg Group with foreign government attendees, now Ron Paul tells people that were cheated by the Republican Party and arrested and beat up by police to be respectful) (2), and to make matters worse a newspaper said that liberty lovers that felt betrayed by Rand Paul needs to grow up and are stupid. Then Luke Rudkowski tried to interview Sen. Ran Paul when he acted like a jerk similar to other Congresspeople and Senators that are under the establishment, See video below.

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Many have decried their support for Rand Paul and even Ron Paul as a result of what Sen. Paul has done. Many are now divided over the Paul family after these new turn of events and as people feel betrayed. Even Alex from TheIntelHub has decided to withdraw support from the Paul family entirely as a result of what Rand Paul did. This is basically political suicide for them and proves that all of their struggles to the top has now been in vein, that all the military and police support for the Paul family has now been in vein, and all because Rand Paul is trying to reason with the dark side when in reality you cannot compromise with the dark side. The minute people start reasoning and compromising with pure evil and dis-creditable scum, people will begin to fall directly into serving evil.

Also seeing the video where he says no comment on Bilderberg, and then seeing a more recent picture of him, shows signs that he and his family may have received credible death threats or torture threats against his family. It’s one thing when just one person receives a death or torture threat but when a group of people threatens the family of a politician then even the most toughest will fall and flip flop and this can even happen to Rand Paul and Ron Paul, no exceptions. We have requested comment from over ten different Rand Paul staffers to find out on whether the Paul political family has really been threatened or not. If we are allowed to disclose this then the sources will likely wish to keep anonymity which we will comply with to protect the sources.

Already the NDAA is law and any American can be made to disappear into torture dungeons and even burned to death in human furnaces, and no right to petition for a writ of Habeas Corpus, no right to a court trial, and even politicians can be secretly arrested and tortured to death.

Also it was reported weeks ago that Jim Tucker found out from a source that a Bilderberger wanted to kill Ron Paul and all of his supporters using a Muslim suicide pilot to take them down. Proof that Al Qaeda seems to be taking orders from the Bilderbergers when they make comments about using a Muslim suicide bomber or terrorist to kill their political enemies.

Even when I was fighting globalist puppet Obama back in 2009 on YouTube by getting the truth out, somebody threatened to rape and kill my family in front of me and was associated with Black Power or the Black panthers. I know what it’s like with me and my family being threatened with torture, rape, and murder. I wouldn’t hold it against Sen. Paul if he was threatened to support Mitt Romney and turn to the dark side. If our Congress wasn’t threatened by murderous criminal scum, we would have a lot better federal and state laws and America wouldn’t be in such a mess as it is right now.

Even the Constitution Party Presidential candidate nominee, Virgil Goode, has even admitted that he has heard of the Bilderberg Group and has publicly attacked globalism and illegal immigration that was fueled by free taxpayers paid-for government welfare money to help the globalists Agenda of setting up a global Government by rotting Americans financial system using illegal immigrants on government welfare as a weapon. Yet Sen. Paul says no comment on Bilderberg but when years ago when interviewed by Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change, he denounced Bilderberg. Also when an email was sent to Virgil Goode regarding his comment on the whole Rand Paul firestorm, he was kept silent on the whole issue.

So did Rand Paul really sellout for selfish reasons, because he and his family received death and torture threats, or was there another reason why these turn of events have happened?

Federal Jack

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