NC Sen. Phil Berger’s most campaign contributors are big banks, big pharma, big telecom!

Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

According to and other places I have investigated NC Senator Philip Edward Berger’s political campaign contributors, he receives quite a bit from Big banks, big Pharma, and big telecom corporations.

The Noteworthy contributors listed by FollowTheMoney is as follows. I have also decided to group big hospitals, big insurance, and big medical, and all together with Big Pharma as they are all in some way or fashion connected with the Rockefellers and other big medical money masters.

“Noteworthy Contributors are contributors that give in multiple states, are significant within their home state, or belong to a national organization with activity in multiple states. Contribution totals listed include contributions to this candidate for election cycles in the listed years.” – Excerpt

North Carolina Media Society (Big Pharma)/ 2004-2010 / 7 Records / $ 25,000 total contributed

Bank of America (Big Bank)/ 2004-2010 / 9 Records / $ 22,000 total contributed

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (Big Insurance)/ 2004-2010 / 13 Records / $ 17,650 total contributed

North Carolina Hospital Association (Big Pharma)/ 2004-2010 / 7 Records / $ 11,000

GLAXOSMITHKLINE (Big Pharma)/ 2006-2010 / 6 Records / $ 9,500

AT&T (Big Telecom)/ 2004-2010 / 4 Records / $ 12,500

Wachovia Bank (Big Bank)/ 2004-2008 / 6 Records / $ 9,500

Branch Banking & Trust Corp (Big Bank)/ 2006-2010 / 4 Records / $ 12,500

Bellsouth (Big Telecom)/ 2004-2006/ 3 Records / $ 9,000

North Carolina Chiropractic Association (Big Pharma)/ 2004-2010 / 6 Records / $ 9,000

North Carolina association of insurance & financial advisors (Big Pharma)/ 2004-2010 / 7 Records / $ 7,500

Southeast Anesthesiology Consultants (Big Pharma)/ 2006-2010 / 5 Records / $ 8,000

That is all I am gonna excerpt from the data listed on FollowTheMoney.

There is even more I found down the dirty rabbit hole of which was Phil Berger’s history of money given to his campaign in exchange of his services and ears of a NC State Senator.

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In fact here is my Independent Analysis Investigation.

GlaxoSmithKline PAC (Big Pharma again) donated $ 4,000 to The Philip E. Berger Committee around May 8th 2012. In fact around May 5th 2012, Wells Fargo & Company NC (Apart of the Six mega international banks that claim they rule over slave America) gave a $ 3,000 check campaign contribution to Berger’s campaign. Also around that same day, Multi-Billionaire Koch Brothers (Via the Koch PAC) has given a $ 4,000 campaign contribution which is normally a federal PAC but has decided to give money to the state senator this year close to the time that he received the Nullify-NDAA Petition. If you don’t know what a PAC is it stands for a Political Action Committee.

Then I discovered the very same Pharmacuetical GlaxoSmithKline PAC, again contributed an extra $ 4,000 around April 30th, 2012 to his campaign. In fact Cigna PAC apart of the Big Health Insurance contributed $ 1,000 around April 30th as well.

Pfizer one of the most frequent campaign contributors of Phil Berger’s campaign may be connected to the Rockefellers according to a research report done by In fact hints around that the Rockefeller family owns all drug companies. Pfizer is considered the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company. The fact they are pretty big draws some questions on whether they are associated directly or indirectly with the Rockefeller family, one of the captains of the New World Order ship at the Bilderberg Group.

According to the Pfizer’s own PAC reports publicized on their website, in the 2011th PAC report Sen. Berger has received a campaign contribution of $ 2,500.00, in the 2010th PAC report Sen. Berger has received a campaign contribution of $ 800.00, in the 2007-2008th PAC report Sen. Berger has received a campaign contribution of $ 500.00, in the 2005-2006th PAC report Sen. Berger has received a campaign contribution of $ 1,000.00, and in the 2003-2004th PAC report Sen. Berger has received a campaign contribution of $ 500. It all comes from Pfizer’s PAC and the total of the amount that was added in this entire paragraph is $ 5,300 and there may be more that I just haven’t discovered in the treasure trove of information that the Internet has to offer.

One of the most interesting campaign contributions comes from the Merck Employees PAC which is the amount of $ 1,000 on April 4th 2012. You can find that in the May 4th PAC Document around Page 94. What’s funny is that Merck is one of the vaccine manufacturers of Big Pharma that is said to have cancer and AIDs viruses in their vaccines.

So who does NC Senator and President Pro Tempore Phil Berger serve? The Bankster Gangsters, The Pharmaceutical corporate money masters, and the large Telecom corporations that may have connections to the Bilderberg Group.

Federal Jack

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