Jesse Ventura Will Sue Over Sucker Punch/The United Police State of America

The third season for Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura has been done for over months and is “just sitting on the shelf,” according to Alex Jones. Jones reminds us that the FEMA concentration camp episode only aired one time before it was pulled off of Tru TV. He went on to explain that soon after the episode disappeared, (though you can still find it on YouTube, it was completely erased off of the DVRs as well. We can speculate on why the episode was pulled, but if you’ve never seen the episode please take a moment to view the episode. The Police State is here in America. Why is this video such a threat to a free society? Perhaps it’s more of a threat to those who want to obliterate any free society across the planet, including the United Sates. Perhaps? No, it’s common sense!


Perhaps the reason why Alex Jones is the tip of the spear in the truth movement is because he is a man of common sense, as I believe. Perhaps Jesse Ventura’s contributions to freedom and liberty are what make him successful in just about everything he has been involved in. These two men believe in the United States Constitution. As I and you do, they too are trying to restore our Republic before the coming police state engulfs the United States. John Kerry once asked who will be the last to die in the Vietnam war. I have been wondering who has been the first to die for the Republic of the United States? That would take us back to sometime before the 13 colonies were united. Perhaps it doesn’t matter. Perhaps what matters more is if we are willing to die, rather than submit to the United Police State of America.


Before going live world-wide today, Alex Jones called Ventura on his cell-phone about Ventura’s new book, The Democrips and Rebloodlicans, with top JFK researcher and author Dick Russell. Any book that combines the mind of Jesse Ventura with the journalist skills of Dick Russell is worth buying! We don’t have to agree with everything Governor Ventura and Mr. Russell believe in order to find some common ground based on common sense. Freedom, liberty, the Unites States Constitution and the end of the Global Government are some of the things we all could have in common. If we allow the NWO to get rid of our constitution, we are accomplices in the death of America. America is not beyond restoring, but the Global Government – or what I believe is the Illuminati – cannot fully bring the Police State to America without first destroying the constitution. They have ignored it, they have abused it, they have changed it. Still, we can restore it to what it once was, or at least begin the process of getting rid of unconstitutional policies like the Patriot Act, TSA and the Federal Reserve System; just to name a few.


Alex Jones has been on fire lately about the Rand Paul issue, but I am glad he is having Jesse Ventura on the show tomorrow to discuss Ventura’s new book about the false left/right paradigm. It will be interesting to see if Dick Russell shares some of his own views in Ventura’s new book. As far as Ventura’s TV show, I am baffled that a show with such good ratings would have such a difficult time getting their third season on the air. This is how the Illuminati works, in my opinion. Whatever the case, there is a lot of pressure for the show to be thrown down the memory hole. Unless I heard wrong, Alex also hinted that people involved with the Tru TV show, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, may have been threatened or pressured by TSA. He would not elaborate, hoping that when Ventura is on Alex’s show tomorrow, the former Governor will elaborate on the TSA issue; including the lawsuit against TSA and where it’s headed.

Ventura’s lawsuit with Chris Kyle was headed down the same road as Conspiracy Theory. Today Alex Jones revealed that Jesse Ventura will sue Chris Kyle for libel. Kyle claimed he sucker punched Jesse Ventura in a Colorado bar back in 2006; a bar owned by a former Navy Seal. There were other Seals who were at the bar that night holding a wake for one of the first Navy Seals to die in the Iraq war, Michael Mansoor. Paul Watson wrote here that “One of those ex-SEALs is Ventura’s former instructor, the widely respected Terry “Mother” Moy, owner of the bar where the incident is alleged to have occurred. After investigating the incident, Moy and his fellow SEALs confirmed that the event never took place and that Kyle had invented it to generate publicity for his book.”

According to Jones, the Governor was contacted by high ranking Navy Seals who know Kyle’s story is fictitious. According to Jones the Seals basically ordered Ventura to file suit and teach Chris Kyle a lesson about Navy Seal justice in a court of law. The Seals are tired of certain things that are happening behind the scenes and told Ventura to go forth with the lawsuit against Kyle for libel. Last week in a preliminary hearing at a federal court in Minneapolis, Kyle was offered a chance to settle the lawsuit out of court. All Kyle had to do was admit he lied about punching Ventura and pay for Ventura’s lawyer bills. Kyle chose not to settle out of court and now the lawsuit will resume. So tune into the Alex Jones show tomorrow, June 12, 2012, and check out what Governor Jesse Ventura has to say about all these issues and more!

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