Why is the All Seeing Eye everywhere? To whom do you serve?

The All-Seeing Eye in Hayward, California We Are Change East Bay members document one more place where the All Seeing Eye is being placed in public areas. Is this all conditioning for the coming One World Government where Satan will OPENLY rule the Earth for a short time? We could also ask why there is a Masonic lodge in just about every city and town in the United States and elsewhere? I’m not trying to generalize Masons as a whole. Each person should be looked upon as individuals – not part of a collective conspiracy. Still, when we find a collective conspiracy, there’s nothing wrong with voicing your opinion about it. We are the change we want to see in the world. Keep up the good fight!!


What is the significance of the All-Seeing Eye and why do we find “one eye” everywhere?!

Symbols of the Eye and the Pyramid are propaganda for us!

For me, I serve no man, no evil. I serve The Lord in Heaven and the Son Jesus Christ – and I serve of my own free will.

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