Monsanto’s Contribution to POLLUTION A-Z!

by Brett Syverson | Petition Against Codex Alimentarius

A. Agent Orange, Alfalfa & AstroTurf
B. BT, Benzene & Birth Defects
C. Coca-Cola, Canola, Cancer Corn, Cotton, Contamination & Plan Colombia
D. DDT, Dioxin & Decades of Pollution
E. Evil EPA Exposed Environmental Destruction
F. First GMO Field Tests & Fossil Fuel Fertilizers
G. Greedy Genetically Engineered Government Subsidized GE GMO Crops
H. Herbicides, Hormones, Hitler’s Hazardous Waste
I. Invented GMOs, Industrial Chemicals & Improper chemical deposition
J. John Francisco Queeny’s Jesuit Roots
K. Knights of Malta Killing Us Slowly
L. Lawsuits Against Farmers & Lasso Herbicide
M. Monsanto Mystery Maize Miscarriages & Manhattan Project
N. Nutrasweet, Nuclear Bombs & Nuclear Facilities Never in the News
O. Ortho Weed-B-Gon Ongoing Opposition & Chemical Operations
P. PCBs, Plastic Bottles, Polystyrene Packaging, Proposition 65 & 128
Q. John Queeny + Olga Monsanto Queeny = Edgar Queeny
R. Rapeseed, Radioactive Babies & Revolving Doors
S. Sterilizing Soybeans, Saccharine, Silent Spring, Super Weeds & Superbugs
T. Terminator Seeds & Terrible Timeline
U. Uranium Mining & Testing on Pregnant Mothers
V. Vegetable shortening & Vietnam War
W. War Crimes & Dr. Waisman @ U of Wisconsin
X. X-Rays for ToXic DioXins
Y. Yogurt, Yearly Yield Drag & on Your Dinner Table
Z. Zyklon-B Gas

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