Spraying San Francisco, exposing the geo-engineers.

http://johnfitzgeraldforcongress.com – On a heavy spraying day, we talked to passers-by on what they made of the persistent contrails blanketing the city, often referred to as chemtrails. Video features congressional candidate John Fitzgerald confronting top geoengineer Ken Caldeira at San Francisco public library. We also illustrate the difference between water based contrails and persistent contrails when a regular plane (with a short lived contrail) crosses the path of a persistent contrail at a similar altitude.

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One thought on “Spraying San Francisco, exposing the geo-engineers.

  1. Hi ! I am amazed with the Patience you have with such Hipocrits mother-fuckers , sons-of-bitches that you were confronting !
    They should be gathered all in the Fema camps they made to encarcerate you people from USA and never see the light of Day again … many of them , they should suffer for sometime the torture of Thinking they are going to dye (in the end they wouldn’t , but … ) with innoculation of false virus and bacteria … i know , i know , i am beeing very nasty , and i know we cannot be like tehm , but , there’s a part of me that wants that …
    Anyway , here in Portugal we are beeing sprayed almost everyday and no one in the government /air force do anything about it .I know who they serve …
    Keep up the good Fight you warriors of Light !

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