Tea Party requests a hearing on Helena’s gun law

From: krtv.com

The Lewis & Clark Conservative Tea Party wants the City Commission to review Helena’s gun law.

Currently the City’s ordinance prohibits carrying a loaded weapon on public property.

At Monday night’s Commission meeting Tea Party leader Tim Ravndal and a handful of other area residents formally placed their request before the City Commission.

Ravndal says he believes there are several issues with Helena’s ordinance. He wants the City Commission to look at allowing loaded weapons in public places. He also says any ordinance which restricts the public’s right to carry firearms should be changed.

In a letter dated May 13th Ravndal requested a public hearing to address his concerns. The City denied his request and told him the proper venue to challenge this ordinance is through either the legislative process or through the court system.

“This ordinance and others enacted by the City of Helena have been amended and or repealed by the City Commission without going to the courts of Montana,” Ravndal told the Commission.

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