London riots coming to the US?

There is a lot of unrest in the US on how our government has been handling matters lately. Should the riots in England serve as a warning for the US? Spending on wars and cutting social programs are things that both the US and UK are doing. Luke Rudkowski, an independent journalist, and Kathryn Dill, lead reporter for Truth March, tell us if the US will be seeing riots of their own and how the US could potentially prevent them.

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One thought on “London riots coming to the US?

  1. This is just a micron-ism of what this country is about to experience! Look at London than look at something like the above! It is coming! We here in the states, with so many now in “hands out, it belongs to me not you” mode are choosing to remain blind to the reality that is facing us!

    Riots are already beginning as evidenced by the Wisconsin Fair mobs, Chicago and elsewhere. Hold on to your seats kids! A Soviet Style Marxist President who is openly advocating class warfare, lack of responsibility and overt racism, combined with a mass media and officials who refuse to report it as is (like Black on White mobs or Black or Black crime for example) has us aimed squarely at the anarchy we are now seeing around the world. It all leads to a nightmare that is coming here! It’s only a matter of time and most likely much sooner than one thinks!

    Since the President, media in general and unfortunately much of the public have chosen to use class warfare and racism to propel their failed agendas, I’m afraid we really need to brace for the worse! IT IS COMING.

    And make no mistake about it. This bozo in charge will blame those of us who played by the rules! It is coming!

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