Brandon Smith: Candid Interview With Beelzebub T. McGlobalist


Sometimes a bit of humor is needed to keep us from falling into despair, given all the bad news we usually receive in our inbox. Below is a great bit of parody and humor by Brandon Smith, of the Alternative Market Movement. By the way, Brandon will be moving to Montana at the end of this month, to Kalispell, where I now live, and he and I are co-authoring an article about moving to safe-haven states, such as Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, etc. Remember, when it comes to surviving hard times, and retaining what is left of our liberty, the first rule is location, location, location.

Enjoy this parody, but also reflect on the truth contained therein:

A Candid Interview With Beelzebub T. McGlobalist

Posted Friday July 22 2011 by Brandon Smith

Special Note: This is a parody…obviously, though the attitudes and responses portrayed are unfortunately based on expressions of common real-life globalists. Enjoy…

The following is a very special interview with Beelzebub T. McGlobalist, the foremost representative of the incorporated organization of global bankers, political frontmen, and think-tank propagandists that make up such popular and exclusive clubs as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and the G20. With financial centralization and subsequent iron fisted autocracy on the rise, we thought it would be fun and possibly even titillating for our readers to hear straight from the horse’s mouth what lies in store for us, the lowly peon pond scum of the Earth, in the near future. Numerous alternative analysts have calculated likely outcomes of social and economic destabilization in the wake of engineered collapse, however, we thought it best to go directly to the source, and ask those who actually created the framework for catastrophe that waits ahead. This is a no-holds-barred look at globalization. Won’t you join us…?

Alt-Market: Good day, Mr. McGlobalist. Thank you for agreeing to this interview on such short notice.

McGlobalist: Yes, we sometimes feel it necessary to put in a little face time with “cannon fodder” like you, even though I personally find the very idea of your existence rather distasteful…

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