California SB 917 passed – State can take custody of pets, farm animals

Lieu pulled a fast one and snuck through a vote on SB 917 late last night, reminisicent of the tactic used to pass the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. There is no honor in politics and this is a typical underhanded maneuver, the pull to pass unpopular bills.

Though sugarcoated as “animal rights” and “prevention of animal cruelty” bills, possibly to draw support from haters of puppy mills and the like, AB 1117 & SB 917 were actually a one-two knock-out punch to stop animal farming and and pet care-taking in the state of California. It has been noted that several shills have been posting comments on a variety of alternative media websites trying to give the illusion that these dangerous bills really were to save animals from unneeded cruelty when anyone with the ability to read and critically think can read these bills and see the true agenda. These bills would allow loving families and individuals to have their beloved animal members of the family taken by the state and have a fine imposed with no guaruntee of the return of said pets. One need only read the bills to see in detail how innocent animal lovers would be affected.

If we consider these two bills, as well as the over reaching of the EPA and U.S. Army corps of Engineers flooding land to then buy it up from farmers throughout the country and the water being turned off in the California Central Valley, we can see that there is an obvious attempt to limit our food supplies. Agenda 21 is upon us. Michael Shaw and his Freedom Advocates tried to warn us, as did Chelene Nightingale and numerous other Liberty loving activists. Unfortunately we were too busy watching Dancing with the stars, buying iPods and were too entranced by the glitter of society.

It is absolutely imperative that EVERYONE hammer Jerry Brown’s office immediately with phone calls and faxes.
Governor Brown:
Phone: (916) 445-2841
Fax: (916) 558-3160

The Sacramento Bee
2100 Q St., Sacramento, CA 95816
P.O. Box 15779, Sacramento, CA 95852
(916) 321-1000

SB 917 Bill Status
SB 917 bill text (in PDF format)
SB 917 bill text (html/text format)
California Assembly bills allow state to confiscate pets and farm animals without return
U.S. Army corps of Engineers intentionally floods farmland and tries to buy it
Article on Rabbit Smarties (animal lovers opposed to said bills)
California Animal Voter Alliance

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4 thoughts on “California SB 917 passed – State can take custody of pets, farm animals

  1. Yup , all this new legislation passed now , ready to be applied under Agenda 21 – globally . Yet , everywhere people still don’t get it and the activists that do comprehend what is really happening get crucified instead of being taken serious . Most people prefer to believe MSM TV , consume plastic and poison and pray to their god in church for salvation .What a hippocratic society that is locked into dogma instead of pursuing the path to enlightenment as Jesus and other great teachers have tried to show mankind . Ignorance is lethal at this point in time . Shame on you shills , double agents and ostriches out there ! You are fueling the death-train of the insane criminal cartel !

  2. is anyone trying to fight this. i know just about everyone in the bird world and we all want to fight it to save our birds and our bird marts. please let me know what we can do to fight this.

  3. awwww poor poor breeders. please get a real life and stop exploiting defenseless animals you sorry pos.

  4. except this would hit folks who love their pets…everyone seems to go with the standard “omg its the evil breeders” sentiment rather than reading the bill for themselves and seeing where the loopholes are. You love your bunnies? lionhead, dwarf, lop or rex…this will target YOU too!

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