Philip Marshall Questions – Waiting For Answers

by Greg Fernandez Jr “Even if I’d had no other reason to investigate, my airline family deserved an honest account of the attack. I might add that we also deserve this because 911 has been used against us ever since, in a running nightmare of contrived bankruptcy, draconian working conditions and hostile management.” – Philip […]

Philip Marshall’s Coroner Speaks

by Greg Fernandez Jr Phone interview with coroner Kevin Raggio by Chris Gordon (Investigative Researcher & We Are Change San Francisco member) “The last facial expression is essential in determining the state of condition that the person was in when they died.” – Chris Gordon Investigative researcher Chris Gordon from We Are Change San Francisco […]

Israeli protesters smash bank windows, block roads

ShareThis Israeli protesters smash bank windows, block roads 24 Jun 2012 Scores of demonstrators clashed with police, smashed bank windows and blocked roads in Israel’s commercial capital Tel Aviv overnight during a protest against the arrest of an activist. Police said they detained 85 people at the rally, the latest sign of a nationwide protest […]

Strange Atmospheric Sounds Recorded Over Arizona

The Intel Hub February 8, 2012 As strange sounds continue to be recorded across the country (some obviously fake while others clearly aren’t) video reports of these sounds have been published throughout the world. A new video, this time out of Arizona, once again shows these strange sounds and, luckily, was accompanied by a detailed […]