Independent Journalists, Activists Politically Targeted in Criminal Hacking Campaign

by Jason Robinson posted from 21st Century Wire Now criminal hacking activity has drifted into the grass-roots political arena… The digital realm has never been more politicized as it is today. Never has the discourse in news and information been so diverse and expansive. Readers are happy, content consumers are happy. Many see this as […]

Fritz Springmeier on The Rundown Live #76

“I dedicated my life to Christ and to peace and to obeying the Bible.” – Fritz Springmeier (The Rundown Live, 8/8/13) Fritz Springmeier was the guest for #76 of The Rundown Live with Mike Paczesny & Kristan T. Harris. “Back in 1975,” Springmeier told the two hosts, “I realized how corrupt this whole system is. […]

My One Birthday Wish

Please send your video response’s to this video or send them to or FYI Lukes birthday is Friday July 27th, please try to send your videos by Saturday my one wish for my BDAY is to make a youtube video with YOU. plz make a short youtube video answering this question. If there […]

U.S. Army General: The Whole Northern Hemisphere is at Risk of Becoming Largely Uninhabitable

(Mac Slavo)   You may have entertained the idea of an improbable civilization ending events such as a ‘global killer’ asteroid, earth crust displacement or massive solar storms, but what if there existed a situation right now that was so serious that it literally threatened our very existence? According to a host of scientists, nuclear experts […]

Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik wanted to wipe out the whole government in bombing

The gunman behind Norway’s massacres told a court he had meant to kill the entire government and said he used meditation, video shooting games and steroids to prepare for the slaughter. Anders Behring Breivik, who murdered 77 people last July, also said he had planned a far greater bloodbath with three, not one, car bombs […]

Gerald Celente: Fascism USSA – The Whole Financial Market is a CASINO

SGT Report April 16, 2012 Here’s my new interview with Gerald Celente from We discuss MF Global to get a first-hand update. We also discuss the fascist government, the corrupt financial markets, and so much more. And once again Gerald warns us: “If you don’t HAVE your money, it’s not YOURS!” Buckle up. […]

Gas Prices Could Hit $5 by Summer

By: CNBC As the average gas price nationwide climbs towards $ 4 a gallon, analysts and energy experts are forecasting that prices could hit the $ 5 mark at the pumps this summer. Rising gas prices could set the economy back. Crude prices surged last year, causing prices at the pump to shoot up. This […]

Veterans for Ron Paul Rally at White House

By Matthew Larotonda, WASHINGTON, D.C. — Current and former service members staged a rally outside the White House today in support of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. Several hundred troops and their supporters attended the event. The veterans were men and women, young and old, some in uniform and some in plain clothes. The […]

Whole lotta shakin’, but it wasn’t an earthquake

Unusual shaking and rumbling reported around the capital region had people thinking “earthquake” – but, rest assured, there was no seismic event. Natural Resources Canada responded to public concerns by posting an explanation on its website, saying what was felt could have come from an “atmospheric source,” likely sound waves travelling over a long distance. […]

With latest ruling, IRS threatens to crush the whole medical marijuana industry

(RAW STORY)   The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is on the verge of shutting down California’s largest medical marijuana dispensary, and with it potentially the entire semi-legal pot industry. The Harborside Health Center in Oakland — which was going to be the subject of a Discovery Channel reality show called “Weed Wars” — now owes the […]