Jesse Ventura: “They Killed Our President”

They Killed Our President (Purchase They Killed Our President by Jesse Ventura – with Dick Russell and David Wayne) JFK Assassination Cover-Up “They’ve been bamboozling us for fifty years on this.” – Jesse Ventura Today on the Alex Jones Show, former governor, veteran, professional wrestler, actor, author and activist Jesse Ventura said “two conspiracies took […]

Hey Rick Santorum, What’s The 4th Amendment?

After reminding Rick Santorum that he said he doesn’t agree that the Patriot Act violates the 4th Amendment, Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change asks Rick Santorum to tell us what exactly the 4th Amendment is. The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution: —————————————————————————————————- The right of the people to be secure […]

What’s More Important to Baby Boomers Than Money

By: Cindy Perman, This just in — money isn’t always No. 1! After enduring the financial impact of the recession, a whopping number of Baby Boomers say money isn’t the most important thing they hope to leave to their kids. They don’t just want to leave an inheritance; they want to leave a legacy. […]