‘We were wrong’: CBS’s Lara Logan apologizes for Benghazi report

ShareThis ‘We were wrong’: CBS’s Lara Logan apologizes for Benghazi report –The CBS story lie was cited by congressional Republicans who have demanded to know why a military rescue was not attempted. 08 Nov 2013 CBS correspondent [bimbo] Lara Logan apologized Friday and said the network was “wrong” for a “60 Minutes” report that raised […]

From Nomadic Tribesmen to Nazi Icons: Who Were the Aryans?

The word “Aryan” has become inseparable from poisonous Nazi doctrine over the last century, in which it became a term for describing a supposed master race of Caucasians, usually having Nordic features. “Aryan” originates from the Sanskrit word arya or ariya, which can be observed in a variety of ancient texts, most notably the Vedas […]

Witnesses to Houla Massacre: “Massacres were carried out by armed terrorists”

(STN)   Two witnesses to al-Houla massacre said that the massacres in that area were carried out by armed terrorists who targeted specific families that supported the government and refused to join protests, bear arms or pay money to the terrorists. The two witnesses, who identities were not disclosed for their protection, said on Friday in […]

Sent to the asylum: Victorian women locked up because they were suffering from stress, post natal depression and anxiety

These days, work stress, postnatal depression and anxiety are addressed with compassion. But just a few generations ago, the women who suffered from these conditions, were confined to an asylum. The compelling portraits shown here, taken by Victorian photographer Henry Hering in the mid-19th century, have a haunting quality. But apart from the women’s pensive […]

Immortal Technique on Occupy: “It’s not that we’re back, it’s that we never left”

Immortal Technique talks to Luke Rudkowski on May Day at Union Square. http://wearechange.org/donate Check out WeAreChange’s LIVE stream here: http://ustream.tv/wearechange and follow Luke @ http://twitter.com/LukeWeAreChange for updates and notifications for when the stream goes LIVE. http://wearechange.org Uploads by wearechange              

Chiapas Governor 6 minutes before earthquake: “We’re ready for the mega earthquake drill”

Deadline LIVE | “Everything is ready for the 7.9 Richter scale earthquake simulation.”              

Printed Ballots Were Too Wide for Scanners in Some Illinois Precincts

ShareThis Printed Ballots Were Too Wide for Scanners in Some Illinois Precincts 20 Mar 2012 Some of the printed ballots in 25 of 110 Illinois jurisdictions were slightly too wide to fit into the optical scanners and will have to be trimmed or hand counted, officials said Tuesday afternoon. The ballot problem threatened to slow […]

Ron Paul: We’re ‘nibbling at’ Romney’s heels

ShareThis Ron Paul: We’re ‘nibbling at’ Romney’s heels 10 Jan 2012 Riding high from his second-place finish in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary on Tuesday, Texas Rep. Ron Paul proclaimed the evening a victory “for the cause of liberty” – and warned that he is “nibbling at” the heels of winner Mitt Romney. “Now, I called […]

Turns Out the ‘Government Sachs’ Conspiracy Theorists Were Right All Along

The Intel Hub By Madison Ruppert – Editor of End the Lie November 30, 2011 In a shocking article published in Reuters yesterday, Felix Salmon confirmed what the so-called conspiracy theorists have said all along: former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Hank Paulson was giving insider tips to his cronies at Goldman Sachs and other […]

Cave painters were realists, DNA study finds

It’s not just a matter of aesthetics: Paintings based on real life can give first-hand glimpses into the environment of tens of thousands of years ago. But scientists have wondered how much imagination went into animal drawings etched in caves around Europe. The latest analysis published online Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy […]