New Year’s Eve! Dance Mix & Happy New Year from Mike Paczesny

Happy New Year! from Mind Body Soul Productions, We Are Change TV.US, and We Are Change Milwaukee! Dance in the New Year to over 30 minutes of P.D.R. music! Suitable for all ages, for all years, forever! Special thanks to the man who made a dream called P.D.R. into reality, Dublin Beats. Dublin Beats produced, […]

Ron Paul Slams The ’47 Percent’: ‘The Majority Are Receiving A Check’

Retiring Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) sounded a dark note about the reelection of President Barack Obama Thursday, suggesting that he won a majority because many voters were “receiving a check.” “If you look at the numbers and if you look at the way pure democracy works, pure democracy is dangerous,” the former GOP presidential candidate […]

Former Marine Arrested by FBI for Patriotic Facebook Posts

Update: Brandon Raub sentenced to 30 days in Psych ward (8/20/2012) This video was taken 8.16.12 around 7:30 pm. This is the video of a fellow patriot, Brandon J Raub, being “arrested” and taken away by Chesterfield County Virginia Police Department. They showed up inquiring his postings on facebook, and then they just took him. […]

Dr. Rabbi Marvin Antelman exposes the Sabbatean-Frankists

Notable comment: By the way, were you aware of the odd fact that this M.S. Antelman is the inventor of a U.S. Patient – No. 5,676,977 ….. Method of curing AIDS and other pathogenic diseases? A seemingly very important discovery, that has been given very little if any public exposure. Rabbi Antelman’s hard to find […]

ONCE UPON A LIE: BOHEMIAN GROVE 2012 (We Are Change East Bay News)

PART TWO: We Are Change East Bay News at The Bohemian Grove protest July 14, 2012. Perhaps the same day as the Cremation of Care? Manny, Doug Millar, Walter Bradley WE ARE CHANGE EAST BAY – join us for meetings and discussion: Excerpt from “Sacrifice” by Greg Fernandez Jr. (coming soon) Alex Jones interviewed […]

Can (Should) Social Media Be Used to Identify Psychopaths?

People’s nasty traits have a way of revealing themselves on social networks: in writing. Or rather in how they write. That means an analysis of how someone tweets could reveal whether he or she is narcissistic, Machiavellian, or psychopathic, according to researchers. “The FBI could use this to flag potential wrongdoers, but I think it’s […]

The only way to change the system is by opting out of it

Author: Brian D. Hill Source: USWGO Alternative News Does anyone really believe that we can make any changes in such a corrupt system? Can anyone really make a difference when most people are working half to death in jobs with low wages then hardly have time even for family? The only way we can change […]

Bolivian police mutiny over pay, other issues

  (CNN)    Talks continued Saturday in Bolivia, where a police mutiny over pay has included the storming of buildings and a hunger strike by officers’ wives. Bottom-rank officers across the country are demanding a substantial pay increase and a retirement pension equal to their current salaries. They have a monthly base salary of $ […]

Does fighting your traffic ticket cause public safety Issues?

We Are Change TV Sean Ackley “Officer Johnson and other police officials say that people fighting traffic tickets are causing a public safety issue”. “Officers have to drive all the way to Fremont now, taking them off the road” So what do these “officials” expect to do now?   Are they to assume the police will […]

This aircraft carrier is the world’s most expensive parking lot

(YAHOO NEWS)   What you’re looking at is the deck of the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan covered in the vehicles of Navy Sailors heading toNaval Base Kitsap in Bremerton, Washington. At a cost of about $ 4.5 billion this is probably the world’s most expensive parking lot. It may seem phenomenal, but this is actually a common occurrence for the Navy and a lot […]