NATO-Commissioned Report Says Killing Hackers Is Basically OK

(GIZMODO)   Cyber-warfare is all well and civilized when it’s confined to a tit-for-tat hacking of banks, but it’s got the potential to spiral out of control real fast. To try and prevent that, and save the world from a hacked-WoW-account-induced apocalypse, NATO’s commissioned a set of international laws to try and make cyber-warfare more…civilized. Despite how it […]

LIVE WARFARE: Venezuelan Inmates Take Over Prison, National Guard Trying to Take it Back – LIVE AUDIO STREAM OF GUNFIRE AND EXPLOSIONS Live video by Ustream Federal Jack              

Alleged US Army doc: re-education camps and psy-op missions aimed at activists

An American military document just uncovered appears to detail an US Army plan that calls for detaining “political activists” at re-education camps staffed by military-hired “PSYOP officers” in both America and abroad. The website has unearthed the smoking gun, a copy of a United States military manual entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations, […]

Are you ready for mind-control warfare?

Written By Nic Halverson, History boasts no shortage of trigger-happy war mongers. Though many were able to resist the physical act of non-stop trigger-pulling (some were not), I’d venture to guess their minds were even more rampant with thoughts of annihilation. Perhaps a scary thought, considering a recent report published by the Royal Society […]

Possible False Flag on the USS Enterprise

How real is the possibility of a false flag attack on the USS Enterprise? A navy combat veteran who served in the Persian Gulf provides his perspective… By Mario Andrade January 30, 2012 The USS Enterprise -perhaps one of the most well-known aircraft carriers in modern history- is scheduled to be decommissioned in one […]

Recent Gold Takedown A Form of Economic Warfare

By Bob Chapman, The takedown of gold and silver markets over the past two weeks signified a new milestone in corruption, brazenness, arrogance and it reveals the level of evil control behind our government. This past week, in just one week, saw gold fall almost $ 200 and silver about $ 10.00. We have […]

Obama: ‘This is not class warfare — It’s math’

ShareThis Obama: ‘This is not class warfare — It’s math’ 19 Sep 2011 Taking a defiant tone against Republicans unwilling to raise taxes in order to close the deficit, President Obama today unveiled a $ 3 trillion long-term deficit reduction plan that relies heavily on raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans. “This is not class […]

One Mainframe To Rule Them All [FULL]

One Mainframe To Rule Them All is a breathtaking rundown of the human microchipping agenda. Concise and effective, it breaks