Iranian Uranium Export Scheme Another ‘Manufactered’ Bust?

21st Century Wire says… Another carefully orchestrated sting operation, this time by Homeland Security… On Wednesday afternoon, 33 year-old Patrick Campbell was arrested inside a terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport for reportedly traveling with uranium samples hidden inside his luggage. Campbell is also being charged with a violation of the Emergency Economic Powers […]

Does fighting your traffic ticket cause public safety Issues?

We Are Change TV Sean Ackley “Officer Johnson and other police officials say that people fighting traffic tickets are causing a public safety issue”. “Officers have to drive all the way to Fremont now, taking them off the road” So what do these “officials” expect to do now?   Are they to assume the police will […]

Iran approves law to reveal cases of US, UK human rights violation

ShareThis Iran approves law to reveal cases of US, UK human rights violation 09 Jun 2012 Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has notified relevant Iranian authorities of a law that tasks them with bringing to light cases of human rights violation by the United States and Britain. The legislation, which was earlier passed by the Majlis […]

Cops Taser Pregnant Woman 3 Times Over Driving Violation

  (Mary Fischer)   When I heard about three police offers who wound up using a taser on a pregnant woman in Seattle, my first thought was that the story was some kind of a joke. Cops tasering a pregnant woman? In some sort of attempt to subdue her? For real?! You gotta be kidding me. Apparently these three […]

Violating the Constitution is fine, so long as it’s done by a Democrat

By Frank for Liberty President Obama faced criticism from both parties for completely bypassing congress and getting the United States involved militarily against Libya. Democrat Representatives Barbara Lee of California, Michael Capuano of Massachusetts and Jerrold Nadler of New York all felt that Obama exceeded his constitutional authority by authorizing the strikes without congress. Republicans […]