The mysterious case of village with its own Bermuda Triangle

Radio enthusiasts claim a Cambridgeshire village may have “its very own Bermuda Triangle” after cars mysteriously refused to open for their owners. Drivers parking around Waterbeach’s Green experienced problems locking their cars remotely and some said their cars would not start. The “problem” was noticed when a group of radio amateurs met in the village […]

Village of Cordova Disbands Its Police Force Because of Corruption

The Cordova Village Board voted late Thursday to disband the town’s police force after nearly a year of controversy that has resulted in a wrongful termination lawsuit and criminal charges. The board voted to override Mayor Bob Vanhooreweghe’s veto of the board’s motion to disband last month. The department will be dissolved Dec. 31. “When […]

Farmingdale Village Court: illegal display of the UN flag

by Anthony Tolda Back in February this year I went to Farmingdale Village Court regarding a ticket I got. I was thinking they would make me an offer, and I would accept the offer and pay the ticket. I noticed a UN flag was displayed standing taller and much larger in dimensions than the American […]

U.N. Flag Stands Taller than the American Flag in Local Village Court