Writing On The Wall – Greg Fernandez Jr

WRITING ON THE WALL by Greg Fernandez Jr. Produced by Dublin Beats Produced by Aleks Yakovlev Video by Anthony London Mind Body Soul Productions produced by Dublin Beats produced by Aleks Yakovlev video by Anthony London written by G. Fernandez Jr. from P​.​D​.​R. – Pop Dance Rap music by Aleks Yakovlev mixed and mastered by […]

Boston Marathon Bombing: The Suspects

Three young people are dead as a result of the Boston Marathon Bombing that happened at 2:50 pm (EDT) near the finish-line on Boylston Street, April 15, 2013. 17 people are in critical condition, with over 170 injured. We are waiting for police and other authorities to release images or videos of the suspect or […]

Maine officials seeking pepper-spray video leak

  (PORTLAND PRESS HERALD)   The Maine Department of Corrections is investigating to determine how the press obtained video and documents about a captain’s treatment of an inmate last year. The video and related documents recount how Capt. Shawn Welch, an official at the Maine Correctional Center in Windham, used pepper spray on an inmate who […]

Perturbador vídeo sobre el 11-S etc.

Un video muy raro lleno de simbolismo , que ha hecho la web http://heliofant.com/ Heliofant significa “el revelador de los misterios del sol”. El nombre “pet goat” viene del libro que leía George Bush en la clase cuando le dijeron que había un ataque a las torres gemelas , y hay muchas referencias al 11-S […]

My One Birthday Wish

Please send your video response’s to this video or send them to http://www.twitter.com/LukeWeAreChange or http://www.facebook.com/LukeWeAreChange FYI Lukes birthday is Friday July 27th, please try to send your videos by Saturday my one wish for my BDAY is to make a youtube video with YOU. plz make a short youtube video answering this question. If there […]

Doug Millar arrested at Bohemian Grove – 3 Angles (video)


Taliban releases video showing 17 beheaded Pakistani army men

ShareThis Taliban releases video showing 17 beheaded Pakistani army men 28 Jun 2012 Taliban militants have released a video showing 17 human heads which they claim are of Pakistani soldiers captured in a cross-border raid from Afghanistan early this week. The gory video was obtained by the AP news wire service in which the Pakistani […]

Fukushima Worker Shocked: Steel support frames under Reactor 4 damaged — Reinforcement of fuel pool jury-rigged, danger if hit by typoon or tornado — Vast amounts of ‘heavy water’ inside (VIDEO)

Japanese Diplomat urges UN intervention on SFP4 ABC Australia Mark Willacy June 25, 2012 Uploaded by voltscommissar At 5:30 in Mark Willacy, ABC Australia: Working next to the Reactor 4 building, he was shocked about what he was told about the pool 30 meters above him Tomohiko Suzuki: I spoke to a worker that helped reinfoirce […]

Dallas Deputy Arrests Motorcyclist After Pulling Him Over for Video Head Cam

(CARLOS MILLER)   In an incident ripe for a hefty lawsuit, a Dallas County sheriff’s deputy arrested a motorcyclist after pulling him over for wearing a video head-cam, then demanding the footage as evidence against other bikers. Dallas Deputy Sheriff James Westbrook ended up turning the video over to the department’s gang unit, even though […]

Arrest made for video post, threat to Pitt officials

ShareThis Arrest made for video post, threat to Pitt officials 20 Jun 2012 Federal prosecutors charged an Ohio man with posting a YouTube video [!] and making a comment [?] that threatened University of Pittsburgh officials. FBI agents from Pittsburgh and Cincinnati this morning arrested Alexander Waterland, 24, of Loveland, Ohio, and he’s scheduled to […]