Child porn was downloading on USWGO reporter Brian D. Hill’s computer while under SBI and Mayodan Police custody, Whistleblower exposes

Note: Posted by a anonymous family member of Brian D. Hill. His family controls his accounts until Brian is off of Supervised Release where he is prohibited from using the Internet no thanks to the corrupt politician and corrupt police that was apart of framing him. Originally by Sheila Originally sourced from Planet Infowars Originally […]

USWGO has been suspended due to a traffic spike and needs new server

Author: Brian D. Hill Update: They have temporary unsuspended my account so I can download my backup but they told me to reduce the articles I do for my website when I don’t even do a lot of articles to begin with due a lot going on. If you can donate I promise I will […]

FederalJack Does not recognize ACTA as a legal treaty in the United States of America

Note: This is a protest article and we ask that everyone in the United States that does not recognize ACTA as a ratified treaty in the United States of America, that they repost this posting on whatever blog they like to post in. If we did it by the millions like with the web blackout […]

Alex Jones admits eOnes censorship against Endgame Documentary, eOne unblocks all videos!

Click here to view the embedded video. Author: Brian D. Hill Source: USWGO Alternative News Alex Jones has finally told all of his listeners on the record after I’ve sent to Infowars emails that Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement was censored by the corporation known as eOne or Entertainment One. USWGO has gone to war […]

USWGO Founder informs Mayodan and NC to end water fluoridation

Author: Brian D. Hill Source: USWGO Alternative News USWGO Founder has now made phone calls to North Carolina state senators, state representatives, and a combination of emails and phone calls to the town of Mayodan to ban fluoride in the municipal water supply. Due to all the facts that surround water fluoridation causing increases in […]

USWGO shut down yesterday due to cloud servers storage hardware failure

Author: Brian D. Hill USWGO’s website has been shut down due to the cloud server it is being hosted on failed due to storage and server hardware failure I have learned. The accounts are being restored according to their technical support teams but it is hard to know if USWGO will be able to […]

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Osama!

Can you believe it’s Osama? What proof would convince you that the government’s story is real? Perhaps if they stuck to the same story form the beginning? What picture or video evidence were certain senators shown that led them to believe that Osama was indeed dead? Was it the same that the White House saw? […]

RightHaven Causes Truth Website To Be Shut Down Using Frivolous Lawsuit

Author: Brian D. Hill Additional Articles you should look at are: RightHaven looks to continue lawsuit against Brian D. Hill | Before It’s News The dreadful day finally came after it appears that negotiations with RightHaven, LLC was a failure. On Monday, February 7, 2011 at 6:20-6:30PM Brian (I) was served with a Court Summons […]