Americans Are Horrified By Mass Killings — Unless The Government Is Doing It

  • Yum As Americans continue to rage over the Valentine’s Day school shooting in Florida, expressing indignation at both the atrocity and efforts to impose (or reject) gun control, the U.S. government has acknowledged its own perpetual addiction to violence. According to two letters released by the federal government last week in response to an inquiry from […]

U.S. Ambassador: al Qaeda Could Plan Another 9/11 From Afghanistan Unless We Keep Fighting

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TweetYumThe Intel Hub By Madison Ruppert April 1, 2012 According to Ryan Crocker, the American ambassador to Kabul, if the United States does not continue to occupy Afghanistan, al Qaeda would be able to plan and carry out another September 11, 2001-style attack. Of course, this is hindered by the fact that in reality, neither […]