La versión oficial del tiroteo en el aeropuerto de Los Ángeles se desmorona

A lo largo de los próximos días, veremos gran cantidad de propaganda en los medios sobre la amenaza “terrorista patriota”.  TSA Shooting Narrative Disintegrates Kurt Nimmo Prisió 03 de noviembre 2013 La historia oficial del tiroteo en el aeropuerto de Los Ángeles el viernes pasado empieza a desmoronarse.  El gobierno y los medios están haciendo […]

Gobierno y medios atribuyen el tiroteo de Los Ángeles a “Patriotas”.

Feds Move to Pin LAX Shooting On Patriots Kurt Nimmo Prison November 5, 2013 El FBI asumirá su papel tradicional como policía política a consecuencia del tiroteo en el aeropuerto de Los Ángeles (LAX). En la noche del lunes, la agencia anunció que está investigando las creencias políticas de Paul Ciancia, el mecánico de […]

TSA security agents to be deployed in UK airports for Olympics

ShareThis TSA security agents to be deployed in UK airports for Olympics [Insert eye-roll *here.*] 18 Jul 2012 The US Transport Security Administration has reportedly prepared its personnel to be deployed in UK airports for the Olympic Games. The US agents will apply their skills to help their UK colleagues bolster security during the event. […]

New York Deputy Protects First Amendment During TSA Opt Out Campaign

Activists shocked by the above video are asking for people to leave comments on the Albany Sheriff Facebook page. A facebook fan page has been launched for Deputy Stan Lenic as well. If you would like to offer a respectful “Thank You”: Albany County Sheriff Office Deputy Sheriff Stan Lenic Phone (518)487-5400 News 13 Coverage […]

Please Die TSA

(above image: Does anyone else agree that September 11th, 2001 was just another excuse to grab the genitalia of American Citizens? Talk about fear-mongering; if I don’t let the TSA grab my junk the terrorists will get me? If I let you touch me down there, then the real terrorists have won and I […]

TSA Checkpoints Exposed: Journalist Tracked, Targeted & Harassed for Filming

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange breaks down WRC Correspondent Julio Rausseo’s experience at the Chicago Union Station, 1 week after releasing a video exposing TSA checkpoints being setup there. Follow Julio @ and on Youtube @ Follow Luke @ Become a WeAreChange Sponsor and get exclusive behind the scenes content while helping us […]

TN Rep. Marsha Blackburn Seeks to Put TSA in Their Place

(INFOWARS)   Alex Jones talks with Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee about H.R. 3608, the Stop TSA’s Reach In Policy (STRIP) Act, which would prohibit any TSA employee not trained as a federal law enforcement officer or eligible for federal law enforcement benefits from wearing law enforcement uniforms or wearing a police-like metal badge. She […]

Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (06-27-2012) HR1: Wayne Madsen on Obama, HR2: TSA & Syria

(FEDERALJACK)    On this edition of DTRH Popeye speaks with author and investigative journalist Wayne Madsen for the first hour. They cover Wayne’s book on Obama called “The Manufacturing of a President” and his thoughts on Syria. Hour two Popeye goes off on a TSA goon who spilled a man’s grandfather’s ashes on the floor […]

Confrontation With TSA Agent Leaves Grandpa’s Ashes On Floor

(RTV 6)   A man’s attempt to bring the ashes of his grandfather home to Indianapolis ended with an angry scene in a Florida airport, with the ashes spilled on the terminal floor. John Gross, a resident of Indianapolis’ south side, was leaving Florida with the remains of his grandfather — Mario Mark Marcaletti, a […]

Whistleblower Exposes The Fact That TSA Hiring Criminals on Purpose Federal Jack