Richard Nagell (EP) by Greg Fernandez Jr.

iTunes Link for Richard Nagell by Greg Fernandez Jr. Mind Body Soul-Volume Two: Richard Nagell. Featuring Zyme, Eric Golub and Shawna Darling. With music produced by Dublin Beats, Aleks Yakovlev, Sinema Beats, PS Beats and Produced by JRJ London and Dublin Beats. Recorded at OHM Studio, San Jose, Ca. Richard Nagell: Mind Body Soul […]

Recording Richard Nagell – Greg Fernandez Jr.

Richard Nagell is the man who tried to save JFKs life. Nagell, working as a double/triple agent for US intelligence and Soviet intelligence (as a double agent for the US) uncovered a plot, multiple plots to kill JFK. He was ordered to kill Oswald, and leave the country. But he was double crossed. Instead of […]

Boston Marathon Bombing: The Suspects

Three young people are dead as a result of the Boston Marathon Bombing that happened at 2:50 pm (EDT) near the finish-line on Boylston Street, April 15, 2013. 17 people are in critical condition, with over 170 injured. We are waiting for police and other authorities to release images or videos of the suspect or […]

Alleged hacker Ryan Cleary to be tried in UK not US

ShareThis Alleged hacker Ryan Cleary to be tried in UK not US 15 Jun 2012 An Essex teenager suspected of masterminding an international computer hacking ring is not expected to be extradited to the United States despite facing charges in California. Ryan Cleary, 19, who has Asperger’s syndrome, is alleged to have been in involved […]

Michael Moore: Khalid Sheik Mohammed Should Have Been Tried In NYC

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange asks Michael Moore what he thinks about the trial of accused 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed at Guantanamo Bay. Check out WeAreChange’s LIVE stream here: and follow Luke @ for updates and notifications for when the stream goes LIVE. Uploads by wearechange             […]

Army Tried to Delete Bales From Web After Arrest

ShareThis Army Tried to Delete Bales From Web After Arrest 22 Mar 2012 Besides waiting nearly a week before identifying the Army staff sergeant accused of killing 16 Afghan villagers, the U.S. military scrubbed its websites of references to his combat service. Gone were photographs of the suspect, Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, as well as […]

Report: Insider Documents Detail a March 23 Greek Default Plan; Gov to Freeze Bank Accounts, Eliminate Euro, Restrict Capital Flow

Mac Slavo February 17, 2012 That a default in Europe is coming has never been the question. For the astute observer the only thing at issue is how and when it will happen. While the mainstream financial media and government officials have tried to spin this story as one that involves only Greek debt, […]

Police State: Park Ranger Tazes Man For Walking Dogs Off-Leash

The Intel Hub February 1, 2012 A California man was tazed from behind by an overzealous park ranger after attempting to walk away from the ranger when she refused to explain to him why he was being detained. The confrontation started after the man was stopped over having his two dogs off their leashes in […]

Ron Paul wins CPAC straw poll

Ron Paul emerged victorious in the Conservative Political Action Conference’s annual presidential straw poll, the second straight year that the libertarian-leaning Texas Congressman has won the vote. Fox news and establishment neocons immediately tried to downplay Ron Paul’s straw poll win last year. How will they be able to downplay a Ron Paul win for […]

Confirmed: FBI Got Warning Day Before OKC Bombing

New documents released under the Freedom of Information Act confirm that the FBI received a phone call the day before the Oklahoma City bombing warning that the attack was imminent, and that the feds tried to reach a deal with bomber Terry Nichols to take the death penalty off the table if he admitted making […]